Sun and moon tattoos

Sun and Moon Tattoos

The sun and the moon were always honored by people because they are the lighters of the day and night. Because of it people often apply sun and moon tattoos. In ancient Egypt the sun was considered to be a god who walked the sky and brought light to the earth. The Sun is Yan and the moon is Ying. Dark and light. These two symbols are often applied together in one tattoo, and also separately.

The sun symbolizes eternal life, energy, light soul of the bearer of the sun and moon tattoo. The sun must bring you luck in everything. Sometimes a dark sun is depicted in the sun and moon tattoo design. It is the symbol of dark soul and decisiveness.

The sun and the moon from the very ancient times have always been honored and the sky lighters. There have been a lot of legends among different people. Some made them similar to gods and applied unusual forces to them. To glorify the sun and the moon some people made themselves the sun and moon tattoos.

Ancient Dagomeans considered the moon to be the symbol of wit, joy and night. Siberian shamans associated moon with the dark side of the world. In China, as we already said, the moon was the force Yin – famine beginning, dark, passive and cold. Gabon citizens associated the moon with evil and water. Several peoples thought that moon is the chief god. Ancient people believed that the moon is able to rule elements, send thunder and lightning to bad people. Ancient Indian people, when comparing sun to the moon gave the moon better power and abilities. The reason was that the moon could shine and through the night and through the day. Aslo the moon was often used in magical rituals. The sun in the ancient world symbolizes a great amount of different gods. Also it turns out to be the symbol of the day, might, labour, the light half of the world and slow the symbol of hot and light force Yan.

Sun and moon tattoos are very popular nowadays. The moon was always the great light. It can light in the night and the day. That is why moon tattoo always symbolized might. But it is not everything. The tattoo of not full moon can symbolize puzzle and unknown things. Girls often use it for men to discover them as the sun begins to light the moon. Also sun and moon tattoo can be considered as a duality – the dark side and the light side.

Sun and moon tattoos can be very different and there is a great field for your fantasy. There are many different images for this – the duality. Sometimes moon can cover the sun – fully or partly. Sun and moon tattoos are very popular among youngsters. They mean some exotic and they are appealing for the people. Every day you will have moon with you and every night the sun will be there.

There are a lot of meanings for sun and moon tattoos and a great variety of symbols, but the meaning of tattoo is very universal and interesting, it is full of unknown fear and spirit of ancient tales and myths. Sun and moon tattoo is the mystery that is not known until now.

It is not a secret that almost every cultural tradition contains the moon and the sun as well known gods. People didn’t realize and couldn’t fully understand the influence of moon and the sun on the human life, but they always felt this influence and always considered moon as the night time ruler. But despite of the exact connection of the moon with night and evil forces, the symbolism of the moon rarely contains negative fields.

Moon is one of these tattoos that seem to be appealing to everyone and fit in everyone. Such image, for sure, draws attention of a lot of people because it is full of riddles and shining.

Sun and moon tattoos are very popular.

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