Sun Tattoo

All peoples in all times believed the Sun is the main source of light and heat. It was considered a deity, it was worshipped. So the Slavic sun is a golden-haired handsome Horse, called great in «The Tale of Igor's Campaign».

In the culture of the ancient Indians the sun was considered the heart of the sky. It was common to bring it human sacrifice, aztec sun tattoo was the privilege of the strong and free leaders. Polynesia gave the world its interpretation of the drawings on the body, and in this culture a sun-tattoo is a symbol of life and eternity.

Two luminaries - the sun and the moon

All peoples believe the sun is a symbol of the male. The female symbol is the moon which is usually applied to the body with the sun to symbolize the union of male and female. By the way the Polynesians believe that the meeting of two luminaries – the moon and the sun- is a symbol that the impossible is possible.

The black sun tattoo tells much about its owner. This symbol on the hand or chest is usually worn by the representatives of right-wing groups, preaching ariosophy and neopaganism. Helena Blavatsky mentioned this sun in the "Secret Doctrine" and called it the secret center of the Universe. Both the symbol and the idea were supported by nazis and neo-pagans. Sun and moon tattoos pictures are awesome!

The sun rises and sets

The rising sun tattoos have people who deprived of freedom for some reason. In these places this symbol means that a man dreams of freedom or he acquired a considerable criminal authority as a teenager in the colony for juvenile delinquents. Those who has never been to such places put the sign of rising sun in honor of hope for the best, the pursuit of intellectual development, as a symbol of the bright the road of life in future.

Any tattoo in the form of the sun, as one, and woven into ornaments symbolize the new birth, the power of the light, the desire to change for the better and powerful positive energy of owner of the picture. For thousands of years people associated their hopes with the luminary. Their lives, health and well-being depended on it. That is why the sun tattoo is an excellent amulet against troubles and failures, talisman of luck and a symbol of protection against evil forces and enemies.

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