Meaning of tattoo “Moon”

Tattoo “Moon” very popular among perfectly different people. Therefore we will know in the theme and clarity the meaning of tattoo “Moon” in different variations.

For those, who wants pattern of tattoo, we can to offer 2 sections in catalog on the theme:

• Photo with the prepared tattoo of moon
• Pattern for tattoo of moon

Which sense, history and meaning has tattoo “Moon”?

Every tattoo has its own hidden sense. Particularly impressionable people believe that application of tattoo “Moon” on defined areas of the body can entail mythical consequences. But it can bring nothing except beauty. Exact predicts for symbolic of such pattern are not exist. So you should not to afraid to make tattoo.

What people choose when they make tattoo with the moon?

• sun and moon tattoo
• tattoo wolf and moon
• tattoo moon and star
• Polynesia tattoo moon
• tattoo cat on the moon
• tattoo half-moon moon

Moon influence on people, especially at night, at the time of dreams. Since this form of existence of human mind is weakly discovered, universal community constantly spiritualize symbolic of the moon, see in it divine sense. Negative consequences on the Earth are bound with phases of the moon during year. Also, people distinguish favorable days for execution of different affairs. Indeed, moon guard rest of people by covering of night time. Therefore you can to apply fearlessly tattoo half-moon on any areas, which will be a symbol of beauty and call sympathy of people. And its supposedly mythical sense will envelop the tattoo and its owner by mystique; man experience magic of attraction to unexplored and mysterious, which sometimes even is imagined by him.

What meaning have tattoos with the moon?

In the all cultures moon impersonate supernatural, which is unapproachable for earthly man. For example, Muslims think, that the half-moon is a symbol of progress. It is glorified, it’s bound inseparably with confession (also, in Muslim countries the half-moon with the star are showed on the state flags). Tattoo “Moon” has special sense there; it’s a main attribute in the life and during transition to the other world. In some countries attributes of the moon is associated with womanish symbolics (Artemis in the culture of Greek and Roman nations was showed as goddess of the Moon, people glorified her by building temples). Saint Maya was also called a goddess of the Moon; she was thought patroness of pregnant women and defender of true believers.

Chinese nations saw in the half-moon the face of a woman with the cold energy of extraterrestrial civilizations. They believed, that the moon greatly affects on the all earthly nature and act as main source of the various anomalous processes in the world, which affect on the progress of humanity. Besides, they thought, that the moon is more powerful than all solar system, because eclipses of the moon close even the sun. Moon imagined as a judgment from heaven, as an instrument of punishment of man for his bad acts. These myths are still alive. Gigantic multitude of moon calendars exist in the world, people make up the horoscopes. Day of great Easter is determined from moon’s location and close to new moon, because at the full moon on the Earth great multitude of evil spirits come and start doing bad things.

And now let’s return to the tattoos. Superstitions say, that the moon, which shines in the clouds, is straight effect of other-worldly forces on the man (on type of sleepwalkers). Also, effect is exist, if the hunting of wild animals is showed on the background of moon – hunting of wolves, owls, panthers, bats and even cats (the last supposedly is main attribute of the witch). In addition, cat’s eyes light at night, which seems to gleams of the moon. In astrology tattoo of the moon means mother love, which is most warm and light. So, you just need to choose!

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