Sun and Moon Tattoos. Meaning and types

The Sun and The Moon were respected by people from ancient times, because they are luminaries of the day and night. That is why people often make sun and moon tattoos on their bodies. In ancient Egypt the sun was considered a god who walked across the sky and illuminated the Earth. The sun is Yang, the moon is Yin. Dark and light. These two symbols are often applied to the body both together and separately.

The sun tattoo

Sun tattoo symbolizes eternal life, energy, bright soul of the owner. The sun should bring you luck in all your endeavors. Sometimes the sun is shown in black. But this is a symbol of a dark soul, boldness and decisiveness.

The moon tattoo

The moon was considered a great luminary from ancient times. It can shine day and night. Sometimes it can even eclipse the sun. So moon tattoo has always symbolized strength. But that is not all. The tattoo in the form of an incomplete moon can mean mystery, suspense. Girls often use it when they want the man to gradually discover her for himself like the sun gradually begins to illuminate the whole moon, each day winning a piece of the dark. It can also be seen as two opposites: light and dark side.

Sun and moon tattoo

Here the imagination can run wild in earnest. A variety of images exist on this topic. Two opposites. Sometimes people portray a partial eclipse or the moon with the rays of the sun(total eclipse). A tattoo can mean collision of two forces or the union of moon and sun, absence of conflict. There are many variants; it depends on a type of a tattoo. Sun and moon tattoos are very popular among young people. They mean some exotics. That is why people like them. Every day the sun’s with you, every night the moon’s with you.

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