Tattoo “Sun”: knowledge and will

You still attracted by the tattoos “Sun”? You should to think, is it so worth, that you would risk your reputation and health for such momentary fancy?

Red and yellow pigments, which used during the procedure of application tattoo of heavenly star, are most resistant. Methods of tattoo’s taking out are very painful and expensive. Your skin will never regenerate, in the best case you will have a scar.

Well, are you still sure? Are you still wanted to make the tattoo after all, that you red above? Well, sometimes such risk is not actually bad thing, at least if you have not job, where such things are abolished.

If you decided to make a tattoo though, appeal only to professionals. Also, before the application you should to learn the meaning of that pattern, which will ornament your body later.

Tattoos by way of sun as army tattoos were always very popular. But many people don’t think about the meaning of this pattern. Firstly, this pattern attract by multifaceted image. At its application, craftsman often use bright colours, he apply very diverse effects. Tattoos “Sun” give excellent opportunity for creative self-expression of artist. Depending on form, color, heavenly star can be flaming and scalding, can to shine by smooth warm light and can be obscure and even ominous.

Stylized variants of tattoos are fashionable today. Sketches of tattoo “Sun” can express the culture of ancient nations: Aztecs, Indians, Chinese, Polynesians. In every culture people thought, that the sun is main god, which is unexcelled in its power.

Tattoo “Sun”: meaning

One of the most popular variants of the “Sun” tattoo – circle with rays, which located on the perimeter. The point, which is showed in a center of the circle, symbolizes confluence of woman’s and man’s beginning. Tattoo “Sun” is not a tattoo “Flowers”, that’s why men traditionally choose it. For women better tattoo is the Moon or the Earth.

Sun often is showed with the Moon and the stars. Also, other variants exist: sun with the eagle, the phoenix, the dragon and the lion. Tattoos in eastern stile often are completed by image of chrysanthemum or lotus.

Modern symbolic of tattoo “Sun” offer different interpretations. Such image can to mean the source of the force, which support man in the hard times. Sun – sign of individualists, creators and makers. It’s a symbol of leadership, dignity, power, knowledge and powerful vital energy. Therefore often tattoos of popular people have a form of the sun. In more big sense image of sun can be interpreted as eternal regeneration and power of light and justice. Tattoo of heavenly star in Aztec’s stile means faith in the life after the dearth. Sun and moon tattoos are awesome!

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