What means a moon tattoo?

People noticed that the Moon affects to them. So the Moon became a mystical object. In various primitive religions people worshiped to the Moon, feared and respect the Moon. Sometimes people endowed the Moon greater power than the sun. Besides, goddess of night was the patroness of young girls and women. The Moon protected pregnant women.

A superstition of ancient times are relevant now. Of course, some information disappears from human memory. But some details have been transformed and adapted to modern times. So the Moon is still mysterious and secret.
Tattoo with the image of the moon is the same mysterious. Sun and moon tattoo symbolizes a supernatural creatures, but Moon tattoo does not have a negative meaning. Many people want to have a Moon tattoo, because Moon is so powerful and mysterious. A Moon tattoo symbolizes confidence and pacification.
If the moon on the tattoo is hiding in the clouds, it means the mystical sense of the Moon, and this twilight hides werewolves and others creatures of the night.

Importantly what objects are drawn near the Moon. It can be: night birds and animals, like owl, bat, cat, panther, wolf and others. The moon protects them, but also helps hunters to catch this animals.
Also the Moon assist to witches and wizards, because they begin to cast when the sun goes down and the Moon appears in the sky.

Of course, Moon is so mysterious, also the Moon is a symbol of tranquility and quietness. Astrologers believe that Moon symbolizes mothers love, warmth and light, care and tenderness.
In Moon tattoo we also can see a crescent, half moon. It is have a positive meaning. A half moon symbolizes the road of life, because the Moon and stars are showing the way to home for the travelers.
However we can see the tattoo, when the sun and Moon are shown together, like Yin Yang - night and day, like darkness and light.

It is a fact that Moon always protected women. But we can see many men who want to have a Moon tattoo. So, men's tattoo with the Moon image is popular, it is represented in a different styles, on different parts of the body. Men have Moon tattoo on the shoulders and women – on the torso often. If we speak about meaning of tattoo – in this case everybody choose the meaning thyself. Because only the owner of the tattoo can know what his tattoo does mean.

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