Butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular nowadays.  Inexpressible beauty of this alive magic creature attracts mostly women and girls who want to keep it by depicting the butterfly on their shoulder.

 Magnificent symmetry, elegant shape, colors and variety of these wonderful creations of nature are unquestionable among tattoo artists or fans.
But we shouldn’t  forget, that these charming and gorgeous  butterflies that beautify fields, meadows, woods and nature in general are result of wonderful transformation of nasty, awful and abominable caterpillars inside the cocoon. Therefore butterflies symbolize  regeneration and rebirth, persistence and perseverance, transition to a new period of life and new beginnings.
 Besides, tattoo of this small, fragile and at the same time very bright creature with excellent shapes symbolizes subtle beauty. But the butterfly, surprisingly, cannot be killed only by touching its wings.

 Butterfly tattoos have several meanings: freedom, soul (among Greeks), guests (in Japan), success (according to some nations’ beliefs)  and souls of beaten warriors (among ancient Aztecs).

 Butterfly tattoos are first of all very hot among women due to the large variety of forms and sizes. Actually images of insects, except for butterflies and dragonflies, are not very popular as tattoos. But butterfly tattoos are on the 4-th place among the most popular tattoo designs after tribal tattoos, images of stars and crosses.
Small butterfly on anklebone or shoulder is  very suitable for first tattoo, because this design first of all just  lovely emphasizes female beauty.
Such tattoo especially  brightly expresses flexibility and symmetry of the butterfly, when it is applied on waist. This one of the most popular and fashionable body parts where butterfly tattoos  look very sexy and attractive. For greater effect such images are made in large size.

 Except for waist butterfly tattoos are applied on forearm, abdomen, anklebones or shoulder-blades as well.

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