Small butterfly tattoos

When it comes to the small butterfly tattoos, everything is really great - they look wonderful, can be easily hidden if needed.

The tattoo a butterfly takes a place of honor in a rating of the most popular tattoos of the present. It seems, each more or less skilled tattoo the master sometime drew in detail this insect on someone's body. 99,9% of people, are proud carrying this tattoo – girls, except for cases when after a stormy night any silly person wakes up and sees this insect at himself on a waist.

There is a wish to believe that such cases happen only at cinema, but we urge you not to haste and not to make tattoo at once and think it over again.

It should be noted that insects don't enjoy wide popularity among fans of an art tattoo. Judge when the last time you saw the person with the image, for example, of a worm on a body? A bright exception are hotly favourite many spiders and butterflies here. By the way, don't forget to read about a tattoo a spider.

We will talk about value of a tattoo a butterfly. On a good tradition it is necessary to tell that values of such picture can be absolutely different. Butterflies were an admiration subject as artists at all times, and ordinary people. Beauty, lightness, gentle lines, distinguished beauty – that attracts girls in this with a tattoo. These insects have a bright contrast color, surprising patterns that can't but decorate human skin.

In addition, butterflies are a regeneration symbol. The unique phenomenon — vile and sluggish caterpillars turn into fine winged beings. A similar headdress – also a sign of transformations, cardinal changes in life.

In some cultures the butterfly personifies soul of the person that attaches to a tattoo one more significance. At Aztecs, for example, was considered that these small winged creations transfer souls of the lost soldiers, and in the Maya tribes – store souls of the spirits which came back to Earth. In China the butterfly is a symbol family harmonies.

It is interesting that butterflies are associated often with fairies – a mystical being of the tiny sizes who possesses supernatural abilities. Most often to fairies attribute friendliness, abilities to grant desires and to bring good luck.

Why waist?

Ah yes, nearly forgot about the most interesting. It is no secret that one of the most popular places for the image of this insect – a waist. Perhaps in this regard, and it is possible and for other reason, the tattoo in the form of a butterfly on a waist is called a symbol of girls of easy behavior (if not to tell more rigidly). It is difficult to give a logical explanation for such value, but the fact that it is.

The girls who are going to put such a tattoo on the body should have it in a look and either to ignore, or to remember that the butterfly perfectly will look practically on any part of a body, for example on a shoulder, a hand, a shovel, a foot, an anklebone and so on.

Small butterfly tattoos will look really interesting and attract a lot of glances.

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