Butterfly tattoo designs

The tattoo of a butterfly is very popular presently. Can seem that practically each tattooer (even at which not a lot of experience) applied a butterfly tattoo on some tens times on someone's body. Almost all who did to himself such a tattoo rejoice it, but there are also what apply it on the body by nonsense.

Meaning of a tattoo of a butterfly

So, we will discuss value of a tattoo of a butterfly. Values of this of a tattoo are very various. At all times this insect was admiration both for artists, and for ordinary people. Grace of lines, ease, lightness, a bright and unique color of patterns is very much attracts girls, and adequately takes a place on their body.

The butterfly is also a regeneration symbol. After all so vile caterpillars turn in beautiful creatures. Also it means transformation, essential changes in life.

There is a large number of myths about a tattoo of a butterfly. Here a little from them:

Tribes of Maya consider that the butterfly is the disguised souls of the died people who decided to return to Earth.

In Germany appearance of a butterfly means the child's birth.

At Aztecs it is considered that these insects transfer souls of the lost soldiers.

And in China is a symbol of harmony in a family.

To add semantic loading, a butterfly do with various patterns or flowers.

Of course, the logical explanation doesn't exist, but the butterfly filled on a waist symbolizes the girl of easy behavior.

Tattoo with the image of a butterfly – mainly female, men extremely seldom choose this drawing. However in a portfolio eminent masters of a tattoo have "man's" sketches of butterflies – they "are interwoven" into Celtic patterns, for example the Second option: the Celtic pattern makes out wings of a butterfly Tat. One more brutal variation: tattoos with butterflies are done in the steampunk style.

As surprisingly it sounds, but the tattoo with the image of this easy-winged creation was an eagerness to fight symbol in Mexico. The Maya had a belief: souls of the warriors which were lost on the battlefield turn into butterflies and then flit over fields of battles.

Value of a tattoo a butterfly in the European culture is a symbol of soul, regeneration, new life. This semantic loading is inseparably linked with the real butterflies. The unattractive caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, surprising the world with the transformation. And sketches of tattoos with the image of a butterfly are a symbol of regeneration, the beginning of new life. It is probable therefore tattoos of a butterfly put at turning points of life, on the eve of decisive events.

One more standard value of a tattoo a butterfly – freedom, free spirit. In the nature of a butterfly easily and freely flit, their image applied on a body grants to the owner a particle of freedom and ease.

How the butterfly is represented matters. Open wings – an openness symbol to the world. The flitting butterfly – freedom. Symmetrically located wings of a butterfly – harmony.

Butterfly tattoo designs can be many and plenty. They are looking really great and interesting and are known to be very attractive, chosen by many people all over the world.

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