Butterfly tattoos

The tattoo depicting a butterfly is known to be a symbol of soul, immortality, revival,

abilities to transformations, to changes as this winged heavenly being is born, changing from a wordly caterpillar.

In China this winged being designates immortality, leisure is a lot of, pleasure and summer. The butterfly represented with plum symbolizes longevity and beauty, with a chrysanthemum - beauty in old age, with a feather - longevity.

At Japanese the butterfly symbolizes the young woman, and flitting one round other butterfly mean family happiness. A white butterfly - spirit of the dead.

In the thief culture of Russia the butterfly means the girl of easy behavior.

Ancient Greeks considered a butterfly a symbol of immortality of soul. Psikhey which name means "soul", it was presented in the girl's form with wings of a butterfly.

Each person wishing to provide to a tattoo a certain value tries to find in it some traits of character, or private judgments on the world. Actually each tattoo has a huge number of values, in particular value of a tattoo of a butterfly illustrates such variety of symbols. The butterfly became traditionally well-known female symbol for a long time, personifying all gentle, positive female qualities.

Generally, the image of a butterfly in the different countries and the people at different times had different values. So in Mexico the butterfly became a symbol of respect of memory of the died close people that went after terrestrial life to paradise, an embodiment of the soul of the person. In Japan this animal is associated with ease, grace, is a feminity symbol. In the Roman culture the butterfly in any kind was considered as warcryer.

In the ancient time at tribes of South America the butterfly symbolized the trembling fire, spirit of stars and soul of the women who died at childbirth. Aztecs believed that souls of the soldiers who were killed in action turn into butterflies — such beautiful, weightless, carefree. In Ancient Greece too presented soul in the girl's form with wings of a butterfly. And in the German-Scandinavian myths the butterfly became reflection of elements of air. Therefore wood spirits of air — elves looked as little men with wings of a butterfly.

The Christian religion accepts a butterfly as a symbol of revival and revival of immortal soul. At Slavs this fragile animal too I was associated with soul, but not seldom and I was considered as the premessenger of death. Speaking about the present it is possible to tell that in some circles there is an understanding, an image of a butterfly as symbol of all thoughtless girls.

As you can see, wise eras indissolubly connected value of a tattoo of a butterfly with concept of human soul and the feminine surrounded with beauty, tenderness, ease and grace.

Also the tattoo in the form of a butterfly bears in itself signs of immortality and transformation as the cycle of life of this being consists of three stages "caterpillar — a doll — a butterfly". She is born, dies and again starts living in other appearance.

Men use the tattoo images of a butterfly rather seldom but, nevertheless, she meets and at them. For that at women of a tattoo the butterfly never loses the popularity, after all such small lovely creature brings only joy, is also a sign of the beginning of summer. On a body such small tattoo will look gently, as they say "without excesses", simply, brightly and beautifully.

Butterfly tattoos are used mainly by females.

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