Butterfly tattoo meaning

The majority of tattoos have rather clear split on man's and female. From the last it is worth allocating images of flowers, cats, birds and, of course, butterflies. These fragile, gentle and air creations decorate many women. But the appearance factor – not the main thing, after all the image of a butterfly deeply symbolically, has rich history and meets in all cultures.

Butterflies at the different people

The beauty and grace of these creations fascinated people for a long time. But shakes ability of butterflies to metamorphoses even more. Not too beautiful gluttonous caterpillar turns into the flesh lump seeming almost dead – a cocoon from which the weightless and bright butterfly is born. Thanks to this ability she became a symbol of eternal life, transformation, revival, immortal soul.

Quite so perceived its various people. For example, Maya considered that the lost soldiers become butterflies. So they are awarded for bloody death. In Ancient Greece there were some myths about people who turned after death into butterflies. By the way, was we lie when Greeks imagined soul, to Psikhey, in the form of the beautiful girl with bright wings.

In Christian culture the butterfly also meets, on some images it is held in hand by Christ. It became one of symbols of its revival and immortality of soul of each person.

Also it means female beauty, tenderness and reverence. And in some treatments – freedom, in full understanding of this word. Therefore the tattoo in the form of a butterfly combines three factors: beauty, freedom and updating. It isn't surprising that it enjoys wide popularity.

For many girls value of a tattoo with a butterfly makes deeply personal sense, them do at important, turning points when it seems that one life was replaced another: pregnancy, child's birth, wedding, termination of institute, new work or simply new stage of internal development.

How the tattoo in the form of a butterfly is represented?

The tattoo butterfly can be as monophonic, strictly black color, and multi-colored. Thus masters use both natural options of coloring of these insects, and own imagination. Also ways of the image change. It is difficult even to call style in which wouldn't do such tattoos.

The same concerns also the size. Most often, the tattoo butterfly rather small, it can be even less nail. But sometimes the drawings impressing by the size also are suitable for girls. Represent them, for example, on a back or on a shovel. It can be pack of the butterflies connected by an ornament or interwoven into other drawing. And some do the big tattoo representing open wings of a butterfly on shovel.

What places for the butterfly tattoo designs are the best?

Thanks to the small sizes, this drawing can be made absolutely on any site of a body. But the butterfly on a neck is especially beautiful. This part of a body in itself is considered very sensual, and such headdress will only emphasize this fact.

Butterfly tattoo meanings are known to be really great and interesting and it is up to you to decide whether to apply such tattoo or no.

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