Arm tattoos

Tattoos on arms

Tattoos on arms have been made long ago, and this tradition has not lost its popularity nowadays. Usually males are applying them and arms are the body parts that are always looked at, that’s why such tattoos are always the most noticeable. Also arms are the easiest places for tattoo application.

In our tattoo catalogue you will find a vast number of photos and designs of tattoos on arms, because it is the most popular place for applying tattoos. Very often tattoos on arms represent some inscription or hieroglyphs.

Among most popular tattoos are male tattoos on arms, different small badges, hieroglyphs on arms, which can be applied equally good both on fingers and forearms.

Every day the number of orders for tattoos on arms increases. One of the most convenient places for tattoo application is a shoulder. Here the pictures of middle size will look great, and also this body part is situated next to forearm and this allows to apply tattoo of rather big size.

Tattoo can be applied also on the inner surface of the arm. It has a very convenient shape and practically every picture can be made interesting and unusual. Also the convenient place is wrist.
Despite of the small amount of space there, bracelet or ornament will look quite great on these body parts. It looks very stylish, but the biggest advantage is that you always can hide the tattoo under your watch.