The arm tattoo photos, sketches, and symbolism

The arm is the most movable human body part, with many bands and lines. Let’s start with the fact, that in terms of tattoo the arm can be divided into several parts:

A special kind of sketches matches each of the above listed body part. For instance, most often the letters and the figures are put on fingers. Sometimes rather unusual and original tattoos are placed on this small areas, for example the moustache. The most popular wrist tattoo images are the stars.

The inscription, the fire flames, or the flowers will look great over forearm. As one of the most universal locations for a body art tattoo, the shoulder offers thousands ideas and sketches. Find the articles on every arm area on our website, and get more ideas, details, and important aspects about tattoo.

The most popular arm tattoo sketches are the inscriptions. By the way, if you choose those, there is a great collection of fonts on, to find the one that suits You the most!

As for the entire arm, there is a special kind of tattoo - a sleeve. You can read about this tattoo in a relevant article. Let us just say that the sleeves are differ by their size:

  • Long – tattoo reaches all over the hand, from the shoulder to the wrist;
  • Half  -  half-hand tattoo, from the shoulder to the elbow, or from the elbow to the wrist;
  • Quarter - quarter-hand tattoo, from the shoulder to the area above the elbow.

We would like to calm you down if you shiver about the pain. Arm tattoos are supposed to be not much painful, so even tender girls can stay cool during the tattoo drawing process. Let’s sum it up.

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