Arm tattoo design

If we try to remember the history of the tattoo art in general we cannot help thinking about the tattoos on arms. Historically arm tattoos were applied not only to show the social status of the person or profession, but also because of aesthetics.

Arm is known as the most movable part of the body and it has many curves. Let us begin with a simple fact that the arm can be divided into several parts. Each part can be corresponded to a certain type of arm tattoos.
For example, if we speak about fingers, it is natural to say that more often we can apply there such arm tattoos as letters and numbers. Sometimes on these not big parts of the arms different original and unusual arm tattoo designs are applied, for example, mustache. The most popular arm tattoo on the wrist is the stars.

great arm tattoos pictures

If we speak about the forearm, we should say that such arm tattoo designs as the flames or the flowers look the best there and suit there. The shoulder is known to be the one of the most universal parts for the artistic tattoo designs. Here can be made literally hundreds of ideas and designs.

The most important kinds of designs are known to be inscriptions. Here you can choose many different fonts that will look beautiful particularly on your arms.

Saying about arms in general we can underline such arm tattoo design as a sleeve. Such sleeves are divided into different groups according to their longevity. Here can be the long one – the tattoo on the whole arm, from the shoulder to the wrist. A half-sleeve – a tattoo taking the half of the arm – from the shoulder to the elbow or from the elbow to the wrist. Also there can be a quarter-sleeve – from the shoulder and downwards, half way to the elbow.

If you think about pain, fear not. Arm tattoo application process is not too painful and that's why even girls can calmly overcome this event.

The arm tattoos have always been considered by men and women to be the sign of the strength of spirit, underlining their personality. From the ancient times many tribes used the tattoo art to show the place in this or that clan and to underline particular traits of character of the bearer of such tattoo. Nowadays most people prefer some abstract ornaments as the arm tattoo designs, that have no particular meaning, but also there are many people that use the tattoo designs with exact and rather deep meanings and care about it a lot.

From the ancient times the arm tattoos were popular. As we have said earlier, in tribes such tattoos could mean social status, profession. In modern world there remains a tendency for arm tattoo application. Usually artists divide the arm into several parts and the arm tattoo can be applied to a certain part of the arm and even to the several parts. As a rule, different ornaments are placed. Fingers are often used to place letters, numbers or small inscriptions to. Often on the wrists we can see names or stars. The outer part of the hand can boast inscriptions and pictures, more often of individual character, because palms of the hands are the most visible parts of the arms.  

Speaking about the elbow it is necessary to say that there rarely are single tattoos – more often we can see different connections with designs, for example, on the forearms. Shoulder can be the place to apply any arm tattoo design you wish. For forearm usually are used such tattoo designs as flame, fire, flowers and small animals. If we speak again about the shoulder, we should say that most tattoo artists think about this place as of the universal one, because almost any tattoo designs can be suited here, which is very convenient and allows to turn on imagination and choose any design you like.

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