Roses tattoos

Long ago, in the 16th century such a picture was often done on prisoners which were waiting for the death penalty. Fortunately, nowadays the sense implication of this tattoo has totally changed. Now this picture is mostly associated with the romantic feeling of love.
Besides, roses are considered the sign of deep religious feeling (the colour of rose-petals is connected with the Jesus` blood), death and beauty.

If you`ve chosen this picture, you should think a lot about the colour spectrum of the tattoo. Orange will show desire, white – symbolize purity, red – love.

Despite your choice of the colour and the exact size of the rose tattoo, it will certainly have a deep meaning and bring you positive emotions.

In western countries rose tattoos are almost the same as lotus tattoos in the East. They are the symbol of pure love. Among all tattoos with flowers, rose tattoos are the most popular and demanded. Interestingly, such pictures are widespread not only among women, but amid many men as well.
Being a symbol of chastity, passion and purity, the rose acts as the most favourite flower. If a guy gives his miss one red rose he thereby says “I love you”. Yellow roses mean joy, white – respect, orange – enthusiasm, light-pink – admiration and sympathy. And if you were given a rose without thorns, know that this is love at first sight. In the Middle Ages the white rose was used as a symbol of virginity. And the classical red rose is suitable for both romantic and spiritual love.

The magnificence of the rose, the variety of its colours and lovely aroma inspire many people - painters create wonderful masterpieces after meeting this flower. Ancient Greeks described the appearance of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, as the appearance of the rose out of sea spume. And the stories about the roman goodness Diana tell us that because of jealousy she turned a young girl Rhodanthe into a rose and all her admirers into thorns. Ancient Greeks called the rose the queen of flowers. Among Romans and Greeks this flower was the symbol of beauty and love. Waiting for her fiancé Mark Antony Cleopatra strewed the floor in her palace with rose-petals.

In early Christianity roses were despised because of their connection with Roman enemies. But then the flower charmed the people and began to symbolize the marvelous. Some saints` names are connected with the rose. The Virgin Mary is sometimes called “Mystic rose”. The first rosaries were made of rosebuds, which were later changed to carvened beads.

A huge number of tales and legends describe the rose as the source of admiration and love. The Persian story says that the nightingale loved the rose very much, and once he embraced it so strongly, that the flower`s thorn ran through the birds heart, and since then the rose is red. And ancient Indian writings tell us, that the goddess Lakshmi was born out of 108 big rose-leafs and 1108 small.

The meaning of the rose tattoo with thorns. Thorns are the way of self-defence of the flower. They say that no beauty is possible without victims, and one should be very careful with roses in order not to prick his fingers. This is some sort of reminder, that there is no love without risk and no pleasure without pain.
Rose tattoos images have an interesting history and are very symbolic. In the 16th century the prisoners sentenced to death often had such pictures on their bodies. But now the sense of this tattoo has changed a lot. Today roses mostly mean romance and love. These flowers also have a deep sense in religion. It is said, that the red rose is the blood of Jesus. The rose may also signify beauty and death.

If you want to make a rose tattoo you should remember, that different colours have various meanings. For instance, orange means desire, red – love, white – purity.

After the colour is chosen, it is time to think about the design of the future picture. Most of rose tattoos have women`s features, but also a number of men`s aspects. Some people prefer so-called tribal tattoos. The image with a dark-coloured rose with big thorns will suit both men and women. Roses can be combined with other pictures – skulls, crosses, angels or Koi fish, which is the symbol of masculinity.

Some people like bright pictures on their bodies more. For example, a portrait of a human, or a scroll with a letter and a big red rose growing nearby.

A rose tattoo can be used as a Yin and Yang symbol. As a rule, the rose itself reflects woman and the thorns on it symbolize man. Pictures with twisted roses, bright and dark or with thorns, allocated as Yin and Yang, have the same sense – dark and light, a man and a women and harmony all in all.
The tattoo can be small and monotonous, big and bright, simple or complicated. It is the matter of taste and choice. Any variant of the rose tattoo will contain lots of emotions and deep sense.

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