Zombie tattoos

Zombie tattoos

Zombies are not natural creatures and they do not have any place in ecology and nature. Zombies are known to always fight until they are drawn away or destroyed, and no one except the sorcerer can bring them back. According to all the rest non-living creatures zombies are immune to sleep, ice magic, poison, death magic and so on.

Zombies in fact are the historical creatures and have been always present in different cultures and myths. First they appeared alongside with the belief in Voodoo. There dead people were reanimated by a powerful sorcerers. But very few people now remember this kind of story. Zombies are well known to us because of numerous films starring them. Such films are very popular nowadays among the people who like to be frightened by the cinema. Zombie tattoos are for those people who fascinate the matters of life and death and everything connected with it.

Zombie tattoo designs may contain kitschier image with zombie tattoos. Some people like the style of Halloween and do their zombie tattoo designs accordingly. Such zombie tattoos are usually very vivid, picturesque and colorful. Some people find the picture of the decaying corpse rather beautiful, and if such a corpse also walks and does some things – it’s even better. Usually zombies are depicted with blank expression in different zombie tattoo designs. "Night of the living dead" film by George Romero is rather popular and most people can choose to make zombie tattoo starring one of zombies that are shown there.

These zombies are realistic. But also there are people who prefer more cartoonish style. Such creatures usually have unusual traits and features, such as bare skull, visible brains, torn clothing, very large eyes that seem to be falling off.

Some people, on the opposite, choose more realistic designs. Such designs usually are the most frightening ones because they show a real person who has familiar to a man traits but with some sort of decay. Such portrait may be covered with blood.

But the best zombie tattoo designs proved to be the 19th century medical lithographs. There then were some interesting views on reanimating people, so these writings can be nowadays extremely helpful for choosing zombie tattoo designs.

Actually zombies have always frightened us and will always be. The effect of zombie tattoos is always great, that’s why the demand of such designs is very high.

If you like to get people around you frightened, you can bravely choose one of the zombie tattoo designs. Mind, however, that there may be people, who wouldn’t like such kind of trick, but if it is ok with you – go on and do such tattoo. Zombie tattoo designs are great in their variety and styles. Also zombie tattoos can be placed on different body parts beginning with the head and ending with the feet. But mind that the most good-looking zombie tattoos are usually not small because the details of the image in such tattoo are very important.

So after you choose the actual tattoo design you must thing about where you can place your new zombie tattoo. Also think about its color – if you want it in vivid color or maybe plain black. The size can also be rather different – from the small zombie on your shoulder – to the full zombie image on your chest or back. Different compositions are also very useful – you can mix graveyard, some trees brains, rotten flesh – it’s just the matter of your own likings.

However, as we said, there can be people who do not like zombies, so consider choosing the place on your body that can be relatively easy hidden, such as your back, chest, shoulder, belly or legs.

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