Foot tattoos

Foot tattoo, meaning

Lots of fans of covering themselves with tattoos both men and women would rather put them on their feet. There is wide enough area for the application and it allows not to hold in their fantasies choosing picture. In addition, a successful tattoo can correct too thin or fat calves, hide superfluous volume of hips or highlight it's beauty. Some of them do not go beyond a small inscription, a flower or an animal. Some fans of large-scale paintings apply an image on the entire area of their thigh or leg. Unlike tattoos on the wrist or neck, foot tattoos can be easily concealed under clothing. Tattoo may be depicted on the upper thigh and your "decoration" will not be seen even under the mini-skirt or shorts.

Women often choose the instep, ankle or the top half of the hip to apply the tattoo. The favorite variants for them are tattoos, covering the ankle like a bracelet, a miniature tattoo depicting a flower or a heart on the toe. Most of women consider the tattoo as an extra touch to their appearance, such as the spectacular accessory. Just like juicy peeking out from under the short skirt picture of the charming garter. A delicate floral patterns or flowers applied on the instep look particularly stylish in open shoes on high heels. Nimble lizards "scrambling' up to the female body or a graceful cat lurking at the ankle will also attract stares.

Men who choose a tattoo applied on the leg rarely restrict themselves to a small-sized picture. Men's tattoos are usually larger then women's and, of course, more courageous. Images of weapon, crosses, captivating Celtic motifs are popular. Many people choose a tattoo in the traditional American style - Traditional tattoo (New School, Old School), Japanese (Oriental), Black & Grey, realism ( an image that copies an photography or a portrait).

Tattoo on the man's foot, in contrast to women's variant, can be placed only on the calf or shin. Sometimes people's tattoo can be applied on the entire surface of their foot (full leg tattoo) - it covers the leg from the top of the hip to the foot. This method of application is typical for Japanese tattoo.

Recently there has also become popular such styles as Dot-work (geometric shapes that are applied with dot technique) and organic (an abstract form filled with biofacture).

The cost of every  tattoo depends on it's detail. It is painstakingly more difficult to create more accurate tattoos, therefore they will be much more expensive. If you want a generic picture that is not weighed down with the small details, it's price will be lower. But Sailor Jerry, the famous master of XX century tattoo, has said, that the good tattoo may not be a cheap one and the cheap tattoo may not be a good one.

In case if you are just starting to decorate your foot with tattoo and you are not ready to put right the big picture, you should select the style that you like and depict a small-sized tattoo. It can later be expanded by adding new details in chosen style. Of course, if you want it. To choose the style you should spend some of your time by viewing the tattoo galleries or just visit several tattoo-masters which can explain to you peculiarities of each style.