The woman selling the place for a tattoo on butt

A woman from New Zealand put up to auction some of its priests, and if more specific - it's going to make any tattoo on the butt a 9 by 9 inches, which the buyer wishes.

23-year-old Tina Beznets spaced posting on the website Trade Me, and called him: "Your tattoo on my butt". The declaration says that the buyer who offers the highest bidder will be able to specify any symbol that will be made on Zadeh woman writes

Beznets said that the buyer will get a photo with a tattoo in the box, and even be able to personally come and see how it will do the tattoo. She said that an announcement is sure to make people think she was crazy, but she insists that it does only because of the needs the money.

"Well, 20 percent of the money received, I will give any charitable organization that chooses the buyer, and the rest going to take me. I really need the money - I was cut twice in the past year "- she said.

Those buyers who do not know what kind of tattoo they ordered, Beznets advises advertising their company or even a proposal to marry. She said that she might have to live rest of my life with vulgar or offensive tattoos, but she is ready for this. Bidding closes January 20, 2012, and suggestions from the customers have already exceeded 10,000 New Zealand dollars.

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