In China, surgeons are fun, stuffed ass tattoo on the patient during surgery

34-year-old Chinese province of Yunnan Sheng Ksunhuy barricaded himself in a hospital room and refuses to leave, because after the surgery, he found the pope a fresh tattoo. Tells

Ksunhuyu underwent surgery to remove stones from the bladder. The operation, done under general anesthesia, was successful. The patient, however, argues that the surgeon, using his helpless condition, have a tattoo on his butt, "Stones in the bladder."

Hospital staff call the police face. Ksunhuy such developments are welcome.

"I'm afraid that if you leave the House at least half an hour, then the doctors will say that I did the tattoo outside the hospital. After surgery, I felt that my right buttock much it hurts. I thought it was - a normal postoperative reaction, but then in horror saw your spoiled ass "- complained the man.

Spouse also resents Ksunhuya: "We came here on the recommendation of thought, a decent institution, but now I'm on your ass and watch husband can not."

In turn, the hospital says that on his ass in a patient - not a tattoo, but "the manifestation of an allergic reaction to the bedding."

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