Meaning of dragonfly tattoo

Dragonfly — one of the most ancient insects of the planet which traces we meet in amber and coal of times of the Jurassic Period.

Dragonflies attract the ease and lightness. But on closer examination cause unpleasant feelings in many. It, probably, because of them is unreal huge eyes and a terrible mouth. Probably, in this regard and to the symbolism of a dragonfly taking place to be in many people, the relation was dual.

The American Indians believed that dragonflies take away souls of the dead to help them to revive again. Therefore in America a tattoo the dragonfly symbolizes revival, updating, a successful completion of heartrending experiences.

Chinese considered a dragonfly a symbol of helplessness, weakness and instability.

Japanese, on the contrary, esteemed a dragonfly, as a symbol of force, pleasure and happiness.

Europeans perceived a dragonfly an ominous being at all. Thought that dragonflies are in the service of witches and even gave them nicknames — "devil's needles".

And in some cultures of dragonflies considered relatives of elves and allocated with magic and magic properties.

Some consider that a tattoo a dragonfly – exclusively female design. Actually it not so. And among men of a tattoo the dragonfly is in demand, especially, if to express predatory temper and powerful jaws, or to represent a tattoo in style of a tribal.

In female option of a tattoo the dragonfly is most often represented in a combination with flowers. A variety of designs almost also infinitely, as well as are infinite and various on the earth of a plant.

Places for drawing a tattoo of a dragonfly are also various, as well as designs. It will be most favorable to look a tattoo the dragonfly executed in realistic style on a shoulder. As option it is possible to represent even some dragonflies. The big dragonfly on all back can originally look.

Sometimes the dragonfly is represented in natural color, sometimes in gray tones. But at all it is optional to adhere to any regularities and it is possible to play safely with flowers. Though some fans of tattoos claim that: red a tattoo the dragonfly will mean that her owner in search of love and internal force; blue dragonflies mean rest and calm; the green symbolize wisdom.

Main, most widespread values of a tattoo of a dragonfly today: longevity, endurance, force, rapacity, invincibility, success. But along with it, also: fragility, weakness, ease, freedom (is more often in female option).

The dragonfly is an ancient insect who exists on Earth of one hundred millions years. The tattoo a dragonfly is especially popular with young girls, can be because they are also carefree and beautiful, and still possess rich symbolical value. This insect, is a symbol of dream, ease, grace and immortality. Tattoos a dragonfly are usually executed the small sizes and they can often be seen, on a neck, a hand or a foot.

There are many different meanings of dragonfly tattoos, as you can see, and anyone may choose the one up to his or her liking.

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