Watercolor dragonfly tattoo

Watercolor dragonfly tattoos are known to really be attractive and many people choose to apply them onto their skins, of course here we speak mainly of women.

The dragonfly is one of the most ancient representatives of insects, whose fossilized remains are found in terrestrial breeds of the Jurassic Period. There are many species of dragonflies practically in all corners of Earth, except the coldest areas of the planet. Thanks to such variety the dragonfly is rather interesting and popular symbol in art of a tattoo. It should be noted that tattoos in the form of insects attract all eyes and attention of surrounding people. For one is a symbol, for others – practically a work of art.

In the different countries, at the different people various symbolical significance are attached to a tattoo of a dragonfly. In the European countries in the form of a dragonfly negative ominous significance is attached to value of a tattoo. During an era of the Middle Ages of these insects compared to witches, and in some countries considered that people who gave in to a devil temptation turned into dragonflies. Also there are legends that dragonflies were used by trolls as needles for sewing of clothes.

In eastern countries, in particular in Japan, a dragonfly treated specially, as a symbol of military courage and force. Here these insects were sacrificed to gods with a request for a victory in fight. Japanese considered a dragonfly a brave insect and a symbol which brings good luck. In Vietnam dragonflies were used for weather forecasting, and in Japan and China – for the medical purposes. Chinese also considered a dragonfly a symbol of changeability, fragility.

At the American Indians these prompt insects symbolized revival and a regeneration after heartrending experiences, battles, wars. Also some tribes of Indians believed that dragonflies take away souls of the died people.

In the modern world the dragonfly matters grace, dexterity, the speed as this insect is considered the fastest in the world. For this reason the tattoo with the image of a dragonfly are done by people who are admirers of risk, the movements and speeds.

The tattoo a dragonfly is the real find for desperate and courageous girls as in this environment it is the most popular. And, meanwhile, this insect nearly one of the most ancient on Earth seeing dinosaurs and primitive people. And after all it, whatever one may do, only a fragile and vulnerable being, despite the precipitancy, courage and curiosity. Thus, the dragonfly combines ease and a spontaneity on an equal basis with the internal force, rapacity and quite notable endurance. The dragonfly is a symbol of revival, grace, ease and immortality.

The tattoo with the image of the Dragonfly is carried mainly by girls. This a tattoo has in many respects similar values with the Butterfly, but thus also differences are observed.

The dragonfly has the dual nature – she is born in water, but later at it wings grow and she is able to fly very quickly. Besides, Dragonflies, despite the carelessness, fragility and tenderness, possesses precipitancy, habits of a predator. Many people consider her the conductor of souls of the dead and often to it attribute mystical bents, contacts with witches and powers of darkness.

In general, the tattoo the Dragonfly will suit fragile, gentle girls who want to emphasize the courage who aren't afraid to take the risk and love speed. Also, the Dragonfly says that her owner isn't attached to a constant habitat, loves freedom and sharp experiences, but possesses in a certain degree wisdom and a firm internal core.

Watercolor dragonfly tattoos are particularly useful and great.

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