Dragonfly tattoo designs

There are a lot of different dragonfly tattoo designs. Here we will cover the most important aspects of them.

Dragonfly – one of the insects, most ancient in the world, her fossilized remains find in breeds of the Jurassic Period. The tattoo a dragonfly is most popular with young girls, however meets and at men. The sketch of a tattoo always looks easy and air, beautiful and lovely.

Dragonfly tattoos and their meanings

The dragonfly is held in special respect at Japanese. In Japan this insect is a symbol of military courage and force, and the biggest Japanese island of Honshu in the ancient time was called "The island of dragonflies". Asking victories in fight, Japanese used dragonflies as sacrificial gift to gods. The tattoo a dragonfly in the Country of a rising sun symbolizes happiness and pleasure, force and spirit.

Chinese consider a dragonfly by a harbinger of summer, an embodiment of fragility and changeability, weakness and instability, Malaysians – an illusoriness symbol, and in Vietnam use it for weather forecasting.

Tattoo dragonfly and her value

Indians of America associated a dragonfly with activity and speed, an imperceptible whirlwind, and also trusted what exactly it takes away souls of the dead. The tattoo with the image of a dragonfly at them is a symbol of updating and revival after heavy tests.

Europe was negative to an insect extremely, in the Middle Ages a dragonfly correlated to witches and called "a devil's needle". It agrees to the Swedish legends, trolls used dragonflies as a spindle for sewing of clothes. And in Romania dragonflies are considered the people who gave in to a temptation of a devil and turned into insects.

In modern understanding value of a tattoo a dragonfly – the speed, grace, ease, courage, dexterity, endurance and even wisdom. Such tattoo very much suits courageous and brave girls, symbolizing external fragility and vulnerability in combination with internal bravery and force.

The tattoo with the image of a dragonfly often is chosen by the people loving the speed and risk, light on the feet and not attached to one place. Besides, the tattoo with a dragonfly can mean freedom, invincibility and inconstancy.

The tattoo a dragonfly can be executed as black-and-white, and in dark blue and color option. All bright colors are welcomed: red, yellow, green, blue. The red dragonfly points to search of love and internal force, green – to wisdom, blue – to rest. The sketch of a tattoo a dragonfly is carried out in the tribal style, realism or in the simplified look without portrayal of fine details. Most often the tattoo a dragonfly is pinned on a shoulder, a waist, a neck, a back and wrists.

Sketch tattoo dragonfly and its meaning

If there is a desire to show the dual nature combining tenderness and force, the tattoo a dragonfly will be ideally suited for this purpose. Photos of tattoos with the image of a dragonfly from different masters for your inspiration are given below.

Dragonfly tattoo designs may be really various and you are free to choose the one that you like the most.

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