Dragonfly tattoo meaning

When we speak about the dragonfly tattoo meaning, it is necessary to underline what the dragonfly means as a symbol.

In Europe the dragonfly is an ominous symbol, it even call "a devil's needle". So in Romania it is considered that dragonflies at first were horses, but then them it is the devil's work.

In Sweden the dragonfly is responsible for weighing of souls of people for a devil, in some legends it is said also that dragonflies were used by trolls for a spindle to sew clothes.

However for most of people of a dragonfly aren't associated with the evil.

The culture of China, Vietnam and Japan very respects dragonflies. In Japan, for example, tattoos of dragonflies – a symbol of pleasure and happiness, spirit and force. In China and Japan dragonflies were used in the medical purposes, and in Vietnam besides also for weather forecasting.

In the USA a tattoo of a dragonfly – a symbol of revival and updating after severe defeats and heartrending experiences. Some tribes of the American Indians trusted in it. They also believed that dragonflies take away souls of the dead.

Also often the tattoo of a dragonfly means compound of water and air – as dragonflies begin the life in water, and then with the advent of wings submit air.

Such transformation of dragonflies is the reason of mystical symbolism of their values, they symbolize big changes in life. Often dragonflies are connected with rapid growth and a maturity, maturation. In some myths it is also mentioned that dragonflies it is predecessors of dragons.

Though, by and large, it is unimportant that the tattoo of a dragonfly means for all, the main thing – that it means for you.

Primary colors of drawing

Black or dark blue, then it is necessary to work properly with shadows and contours, various bright colors – blue, yellow, red, green (honor all colors of a rainbow).

The tattoo from a red dragonfly speaks about search of love and internal force. Blue dragonflies – rest, green – wisdom. Be not afraid to play with flowers, after all it will only decorate your a tattoo.

Equipment and style of drawing headdresses with a dragonfly

The realism, or in the simplified option, without portrayal of eyes, pads and structures of a structure of a body is put in style. Also becomes and in the tribal style.

It is possible to put on one dragonfly, it is possible to do couple, and it is possible the whole swarm – in which there are both little, and big insects.

Often sketches with tattoos of a dragonfly ask to show me, and also to explain their value. Of course, all know that dragonflies are harmless insects with beautiful transparent wings, whose bodies can reflect some flowers, thereby they are poured on the sun.

But the last some years started using them actively in sketches of tattoos. Dragonflies are put in Asian and east styles of a tattoo, at Indians. But whether there is any sense at this tattoo, or it is put only for the sake of beauty?

The interesting facts about dragonflies

Large dragonflies can reach 20 cm in wingspan.

Dragonflies exist about 300 million years

Eyes of a dragonfly consist of 30000 crystalline lenses (at the person one)

Dragonflies eat mosquitoes, midges, termites therefore are considered as the useful

80% of a brain are intended for supervision, however, they not can consider details well

Dragonfly tattoo meanings can be various and you may choose the one up to your liking.

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