Dragonfly tattoo

Dragonfly in a tattoo a symbol rather popular and interesting. Popularity of this of a tattoo is explained by that the animal a dragonfly is widespread and is various — in different types it meets almost on all planet. And the main interest of a dragonfly consists in her antiquity. A dragonfly — one of the most ancient insects in the world (about 300 million years) her fossilized remains meet in terrestrial breeds till the Jurassic Period.

It should be noted the special attitude towards a dragonfly from Japanese culture and beliefs. At them this animal became a recognized symbol of military force and courage, in due time a great number of dragonflies sacrificed even to gods, asking victories in battle. The main island of Japan — Honshu was in the ancient time called the island of dragonflies. To each species of these animals Japanese betrayed special qualities and attributes, so, for example, the dragonfly tombo was considered as the owner of bravery and the symbol bringing good luck.

At the American Indians the dragonfly was considered as a symbol of activity and speed, her associated with an imperceptible whirlwind, and also considered that they take away souls of the dead. Chinese have a dragonfly — a symbol of approach of summer, and also a symbol of fragility and changeability.

In Europe the attitude towards this animal too was special: the matter is that the dragonfly is translated into English as "dragonfly" that the fly is literally translated as "drakonye". Therefore the dragonfly could be associated not seldom with witches (especially during a Middle Ages era). As a result soon and our ancestors Slavs looked at a dragonfly with fear and fear.

In Sweden there are myths that the dragonfly is responsible for weighing of human souls to a devil, in Romania it is considered that dragonflies too were people, but then gave in to a temptation of a devil. Still say that it was used by trolls to sew clothes.

Value of a tattoo of a dragonfly somewhat reminds value of a tattoo of a butterfly, adopting her ease and representing immortality and revival.

In modern judgment value of a tattoo of a dragonfly is considered more suitable for girls, especially courageous and brave. Such tattoo personifies connection of some contrasts and contradictions: after all externally the dragonfly looks very fragile and gentle, vulnerable and easy, but, despite it, her endurance and force, bravery and predatory abilities takes place.

Dragonfly — the fastest insect in the world therefore her people not seldom put themselves the loving speed and risk. Also enter the list of attributes and characteristics of a dragonfly: easy rise and not attachment to one place — inconstancy, invincibility and wisdom, freedom and even love.

Unique feature of a dragonfly is that fact that it begins the life in water, and then it has wings and it can fly. Thereby the dragonfly could subdue two elements — water and air, you see, not everyone manages it. Though their mystical properties, but anyway dragonflies very necessary and positive animals take place.


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