Tribal horse tattoo

Many put spiritual or natural purity, devotion and nobility in a tattoo of a horse.

The horse is connected both with water, and with fire therefore she can act as a lunar and solar animal. According to beliefs of the ancient people, this animal carries and accompanies gods, and still transports the dead to other world. At ancient Celts the horse was a symbol of natural recurrence, vital changes, beauty and speeds.

Chinese allocated this animal with reason, considered its emergence a good omen, associated zealously and the speed, flight of time, quickness and speed of thought. It should be noted that quite often the horse is compared to a unicorn – a symbol of purity, beauty, grace and elegance.

The image of a majestic horse (horse) since ancient times possesses deep symbolical value. After all since that moment as the person tamed this noble animal, the horse became his irreplaceable assistant, personified wealth, force, speed, courage, endurance. In the different people and beliefs the image of a horse frequent was connected with deities: red and white – with light forces, black and gray – with dark.

In some religions the horse not only accompanies gods, but also is the conductor of the dead in the other world. In Celtic culture this representative of fauna symbolized himself fatal vital changes. Ancient Chinese allocated a horse with logical thinking, associated racers zealously, the speed, fiery elements, carried it to seven of the most esteemed animals. The happiness and abundance was represented by the image of a horse in the Islamic world.

Today the symbol of a horse has a generalized character. The horse is associated with the vital force, precipitancy, beauty, grace, sexuality, fertility, mind, commitment and generosity.

Not the tattoo a horse in various interpretations happens quite often. The image of a unicorn is a symbol of innocence, elegance, sincere purity. Pegasus (a horse with wings) personifies strength of mind, freedom, aspiration to the novel.

Value of a tattoo a horse of a light color is treated as communication with light forces, the red horse is fire symbol. The racer rushing forward means a natural power, energy, a wind, freedom, speed.

If the accent in drawing is put on teeth or a mane of a horse of a dark color, it is associated with certain demonic forces. Since ancient times it is considered that the image of a horse skull is urged to frighten off evil ghosts.

The headdress with the image of a horse is ideally suited for the purposeful, vigorous, strong, optimistical people inclined to romanticism and travel. It is a choice for those who is always ready to risk and unexpected, brave acts.

And also for the people seeking to develop and improve these qualities in themselves. If you are one of them, our collection of a photo of a tattoo a horse will help to stop on one of options which will please you.

Throughout many centuries the horse was considered as a symbol of intelligence, wisdom, mind and mind. Tattoos with a horse completely incorporated these values, and also represent the dynamic force, speed, light, speed of thinking. As a rule, tattoos with a horse are put by people who like to be in the center of attention, seek for the movement and aren't afraid to turn to any new work.

Tribal horse tattoos can be met rather often. That is so because the tribal tattoos themselves gain more and more popularity. The tribal tattoos therefore are known to be the best in terms of stylistics and such horse tattoos are chosen by many people all over the world. Horse is a very popular tattoo design and that is why it can be met everywhere.


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