Horse tattoo designs

Tattoo with the image of a horse is very popular, it is worth examining what value of a tattoo a horse today and in the past of different cultures. Images of these animals applied on skin at a dawn of development of a tattoo. A was associated with force, power, speed and precipitancy.

Horses were always connected with human life. In the form of the vehicle or labor, they were always used by the person. Also these animals always were, both partly and now are, a sign of wealth and a high social status. On these and some other the reasons the horse became very popular element of an art tattoo.

The attention of fans of a tattoo, horse attracted with the beauty and grace. Most often in a tattoo the horse is represented in the movement. In dynamics its power and grace is well looked through.

Exact value of a tattoo in the form of a horse depends on concrete composition. The sense can change from color of an animal, his position or the movement. For example, the white horse is associated with light forces, with good, the black horse symbolizes black magic, the evil. Evil forces are also looked through in the image of a horse if the emphasis on her jaws or a mane is placed. Red color of a horse is connected with fire. If the horse is represented running, such headdress means freedom or aspiration to freedom and independence. Sometimes horses are represented with wings. Such animal, Pegasus means commitment, freedom of spirit and thirst for changes. Also the horse can be represented in a pursuit of other animal. Such composition symbolizes the speed and power.

Tattoos in the form of a horse to themselves people optimistical, vigorous, purposeful and strong in spirit, as a rule, beat. Also such tattoo can be an aspiration symbol to similar qualities.

Tattoos with the image of a horse bear different value depending on appearance of a tattoo and from its color: if at it the light color, a tattoo is associated with light forces if a color dark, the tattoo bears in itself a negative, death and communication with dark demonic forces if a horse of red color, such tattoo is fire symbol.

The running horse symbolizes freedom, speed, a force of nature, a wind. Pegasus's image hints at aspiration of the owner given a tattoo to all unknown.

Many consider a tattoo with the image of a horse a peculiar charm which, besides, helps to develop intuition and as it is possible to show the best qualities of the character more strongly. For this reason such the tattoo will be very opportunely for those who wishes to become strong and romantic, hardworking, purposeful and vigorous. Or for those who can already brag of all these qualities.

The horse received the symbolical value at the time of rock paintings. And since then, when the person managed to tame this noble animal, the horse became not simply necessary animal in economy, but also an embodiment of wealth, force and endurance. Before the person at the disposal of whom there was a horse, new opportunities opened. For a long time people considered that the horse skull is capable to frighten off evil ghosts. Eventually the different people connected this symbol with the gods.

In the modern world the image of a horse is collective. Today it personifies beauty, sexual force, fertility, diligence, endurance, generosity, commitment, mind and grace. Many put spiritual or natural purity, devotion and nobility in a tattoo.

Horse tattoo designs may be really plenty and it is up to you to choose the exact tattoo design that you need. Such tattoo designs are known to mean many different things so choose carefully.


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