Dark horse tattoo

In different cultures and traditions there is a similar attitude towards a horse, as to the toiler, the free and strong-willed being moving with a wind speed. The generalized character of a horse is associated with the huge vital force and endurance along with nobility, devotion and commitment. The sketch of a tattoo a horse is difficult performed by, and not each master will be able to draw it. The image is applied, usually, on a shoulder, a hip, a breast or a back.

that extraordinary clever, beautiful and graceful animal, from time immemorial – the faithful companion and the assistant to the person. Ancient people represented a horse in the rock paintings, already then understanding its special value. The domestication of a horse became an important milestone in development of the person and his way of life. Domestication of a wild horse opened new, earlier inaccessible opportunities and the horizons before the person.

Thanks to the fine qualities attributed to this animal the tattoo a horse is very popular today. Thus depending on color of the represented animal also its symbolical value changes. The horse of light color is perceived as the representative of light forces; dark color testifies to communication with powers of darkness.

Often the horse is associated with a scope of water meadows and fields, a fast wind, freedom and free will. The tattoo with such value will suit people who appreciate the independence, but at the same time are devoted satellites and friends for the rest of life if, of course, in anything without need don't force them and don't force. Such people love freedom and creativity, speed and new prospects, they are in perpetual motion to goals, and they by all means reach them. These are the toilers able to work and respecting the work.

Value of a tattoo a horse is covered also in ancient mythology where the horse appears at us in new, earlier unknown forms. Different sources connect it with different elements. She can act both a solar animal, and lunar, to correspond to fire or to water. Ancient beliefs speak about horses who serve gods, in particular, carry them on the sky. In other texts the horse performs some other work – transports the dead in the other world.

If the tattoo a horse is executed in white color, it means her belonging to the world of white magic, soul and other worlds. The red horse is a symbol of fire, ardency and passion. The tattoos representing an animal of dark color testify to participation in powers of darkness. Especially it is clearly expressed at emphasis on a mane and teeth of a horse. Image of a horse skull also rather symbolically: in old times the skull was got on a stake, and was considered that it frightens off evil ghosts.

In the different countries this animal caused different associations. At Japanese the white horse was manifestation Bato Kvannon – goddesses of favor and mercy while the black horse transported on himself god of a rain. In Iran the four of horses symbolized a rain, a sleet, a wind and a cloud. In Islamic tradition the horse brought wealth and happiness.

There is also a kind of tattoo such as dark horse tattoo. People love such kind of tattoo images because they look really interesting and attractive. Dark horse tattoos are known to be the great designs because they are looking good and usually this is vital for the people nowadays, who love their tattoo to be very attractive. Dark horse tattoos fullfil their role greatly and easily and therefore they are known to be applied rather often by different people.

Horse tattoo designs can be applied by many tattoo artists and they usually have a lot of examples to look at.

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