Horse tattoos

Today in art of a tattoo the ancient and modernized images of horses (horses) even more often meet. Popularity of this symbol is explained first of all by its most ancient symbolics and elegant beauty of the image. Now it is impossible to describe briefly precisely all depth of value of a tattoo a horse, after all an image of it the animal in various cultures had different symbolics and association.

The horse can act in a tattoo as a solar or lunar symbol, and also contacts elements of fire and water.

If drawing of a tattoo becomes in color, a lot of things depend and from that in what shade it will be represented. Light horses symbolize light, and kind forces, black or dark — a symbol of the evil and dark energy, purely white — are connected with magic, death and soul.

The horse isn't seldom mentioned and used in tattoos of the well-known Celtic culture, there he became a symbol of speed and beauty, and also was connected with natural cycles and vital changes. Life of Celts, as well as many European tribes, was very closely connected with horses. At them even images of gods horses, such as Epona, Mebd from Tara, and Macha from Ulster were read. In China the horse attracted attention as a logic symbol, was associated zealously and strong diligence. The horse for Chinese — a heavenly symbol, means the South, Yan and is considered a good omen. The horse is included into the list of seven esteemed symbolical animals of China.

For the man a horse (stallion) — a good symbol of male fertility, unrestrained force and the power. It began to embody nobility and courage in Christianity. And in John the Evangelist's Apocalypse four horses symbolized war, epidemic, hunger and death. Saint Georges the Victorious too kills a snake on a horse. From mythology of ancient Greeks about horses it is known too much, as well as of their personified images — Pegasus and a centaur. White horses were harnessed in a solar chariot of god Feba, contacted Poseidon, god of the sea and earthquakes, pegasa transferred Zeus's lightnings, and centaurs participated in the ceremonies devoted to god of winemaking Dionysus.

In Islam the image of a horse is unambiguously connected with wealth and happiness. In the Iranian tradition the four of horses meant a rain, a wind, a cloud and a sleet. At Japanese a white horse this frequent manifestation of the goddess of favor and mercy Bato Kvannon, a black horse — a vehicle for god of a rain.

Among other things value of a tattoo of a horse it, of course, freedom, independence and fighting spirit. A hoof print (in Asia) and a horseshoe (In Europe) became the well-known symbols of good luck. A horse very vigorous and strong animal, she is famous for the love of freedom and indefatigability and at the same time remains clever and keeps calm.

Horse kind, true and obedient, she can transfer and express fully the most various desires which the carrier wants to embody in a tattoo. Such drawing best of all suits the people who are eager for freedom and achievement of the purposes, to people who don't hesitate to think about high and to live as there is a wish.

Horse tattoos may be really interesting and different. It looks really great and one can use all his imagination to satisfy his needs and to find the exact tattoo design that you like. Horse tattoos are considered to be mainly the male kind of tattoo, however sometimes the females also choose to apply such kind of horse tattoos onto their skins. The best thing to do here is to take all the meanings of such horse tattoo designs into the account and to choose the one that suits you the best in terms of meaning and appearance.

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