Shark tattoo meaning

Shark - the greatest predator in the world, therefore a principal value of a tattoo with a shark - the power, rage and fearlessness.

For a long time seamen put a tattoo of sharks as proof of that they aren't afraid of death, also the symbol of a shark served as a charm.

However at many people the shark is a sacred and positive being, for example, at the people of North America. For them a shark - a symbol of a survival and hunting.

In Australia regard sharks with awe and respect, and tattoos of sharks mean the connection to the main land and the sea.

At Polynesians the symbol of a shark served as protection against enemies.

Major meanings of a tattoo of a shark are those:

  • power
  • force
  • energy
  • protective charm
  • mind
  • courage
  • aggressiveness
  • grace and speed
  • fearlessness
  • self-confidence
  • Technology of drawing

Tattoos of sharks do in style of realism, do animation sharks or small nice, sometimes with the opened mouth, sometimes simply a silhouette.

Main places of application are known to be the forearms, shovels, biceps, calves, armpits, back

The shark from the very first meeting with the person inspired in him fear and admiration. Being the age-mate of dinosaurs, a shark today one of the biggest ideal predators on the earth such qualities as are inherent in her: force, speed, insidiousness, firmness, wit and bloodthirstiness.

The tattoo of a shark will suit purposeful, self-assured people who always go towards a goal and achieve it. Considering that the word a shark is always used in a feminine gender, with a tattoo with her image at women is capable to underline persistence and authoritativeness of her hostess, to force to admire people around and to inspire in them fear, thus remaining a symbol of the strong woman. By the meaning of a tattoo with a shark depicting a tattoo of a shark, the person expects to gain qualities inherent in it, and the image with a shark accepts values of a charm, protecting and preserving the owner. In the different people and cultures it developed defined the attitudes towards this predator of the seas, but everywhere are respectful to it also honoring.

In Australia and on small islands locals esteemed sharks more, than had before them sensation of fear. For them it was the messenger of gods, connecting forces of the earth and the sea. Idolized a shark and in the country of a rising sun – Japan, locals believed that being the envoy of sea gods, it will help all who believes in her. For Indians of America she personified a survival and hunting. On the Pacific islands worshipped to a shark as omnipotent spirit of water and decorated the bodies with tattoos charms with its image. In Europe seamen believed that the tattoo with a shark will protect them in swimming and will show their fearlessness and readiness to overcome everything burden and adversity on a long trip for the sake of return home and if it is so fated, to die with highly raised head.

The tattoo of a shark hammer will be suitable for those who wants to surprise people around ideally. Scientists still up to the end didn't reveal all secrets of this mysterious being. Except all above the listed qualities, the tattoo with a shark hammer means cunning and avidity.

The shark tattoo meanings therefore, as we can see, may be really different and interesting. This happens mainly because sharks in different tattoo cultures mean quite different things. That is why it is highly necessary to think about different shark tattoo meanings before you decide to apply such tattoo designs.

Many tattoo artists have a lot to offer in their portfolio. You can see a lot of different examples in their portfolios and you will be able to find the one up to your liking.

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