Shark tattoo

Shark — these one most ancient and most dangerous beings on the planet. According to archaeological data of a shark about forty million years live in the seas and oceans of our planet, that is this creature endured even dinosaurs. The nature created a shark an ideal predator, it is allocated with the big force, speed, power, wit and bloodthirstiness.

Value of a tattoo of a shark is directed on expressions of rage and fearlessness, the power and aggression, courage and persistence, self-confidence and grace. But it only generally because throughout long centuries, cultures of the different people read a shark differently, attributing her absolutely various qualities and characteristics. The tattoo of a shark most of all suits persistent people, self-assured and rebellious.

We won't forget that the shark is always used in the speech in a feminine gender therefore she can become an original distinctive symbol of the strong woman, and cause admiration, fear and curiosity in people around. Value of a tattoo of a shark is also shown in her love of freedom and commitment.

The symbol of a shark served in sections of ancient Polynesian tattoos as protection against predators and enemies. And on the Australian continent to sharks treat with special respect and respect, after all for them the shark became in a way binding forces of the earth and the sea. And for Indians of the Central and North America sharks were a symbol of a survival and hunting. Tattoos with sharks often are put by the people who are working or often swimming in the sea: sailors, seamen, fishermen, and other. For sailors such a tattoo  became the way to express readiness on everything that didn't wait for them on the long way, desire to come back home to native and readiness to die in the sea of sharks and hunger. In the Middle Ages to such tattoo treated as a strong charm in the sea. And inhabitants of the Pacific islands long time worshipped to an image of a shark as to omnipotent spirit of water and saw in it grace and greatness. The Japanese culture too was respectful to a shark as to the envoy of sea pine forests, was considered that the shark helps all who believes in her.

The mention as metaphors for successful business, or improbable success in gamblings became separate value of a tattoo of a shark. She since ancient times it was a symbol of the power, domination and superiority over the rival.

Separately it is necessary to allocate a tattoo of a shark hammer. This fish is one of the most unusual creations in the world. The image of a shark hammer causes feelings of surprise of fear and curiosity. This is fish with unique abilities the part from which isn't solved by scientists still. It is dangerous and blood-thirsty, except above the told values symbolizes still cunning and avidity.

Generally, if you the self-assured person, differ in persistence and special desire of achievement of the purpose, the tattoo of a shark will suit you perfectly. Also it suits those who wants to summon at people around fear and respect at the same time.

Shark tattoos are known to be really sometimes great and that is why they may be met among many people. What do you think of such shark tattoo?

Many interesting tattoos may be made by tattoo artists all over the world. First of all we advise you to look through different portfolios. After that shark tattoo designs can be made really different. Shark tattoos are known to be very attractive, showing aggression and many different things. All that you need is to create a unique tattoo design that will be looking really great on your skin. Those tattoos can attract a lot of attention.

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