Tattoos on the hip

Every girl seeks to highlight her individuality and beauty. One of the ways to do it is a tattoo on her hip, which may occupy almost the entire leg or be small and inconspicuous. Why is the image on the hips considered the prerogative of women? The fact is that men seldom bare these places, but the girls like to do it. Female hips are the symbol of grace and sexuality, so all of the fair sex keen to point them.

Trend tattoos for hips are considered such images as bows, cats, butterflies, panthers, flowers and birds. Chinese dragon looks stylish and it is no matter that image is black and white or colored. The image of red dragon means the hostility, love and passion, black dragon means the respect for parents. Remember! Color of tattoo plays a big role. Lovers of flirt enjoy the image of the gun behind garter. The owner of this picture is perceived as sexy and passionate nature who craves adventures.
What other tattoos on the hips for girls are popular nowadays? There are lots of beautiful images which keep the secret meaning. For example, tattoos of constellations and stars are becoming more popular, as well as flocks of small birds flying out of some picture.

Soreness, practicality, aesthetics

Many girls do not think about what would happen if the picture is filled on the hip. In fact, these places of body may eventually be modified and stretched. Thus skin is exposed not only to age-related changes. When losing weight the hips may droop, incidentally, they become fat also the first. It turns out that the tattoos on the hips are not very practical. In view of this, small images are welcomed, because only they are the least exposed of deformation.
Another drawback is quite a painful application. The skin on the hips can be very sensitive, especially on inner side.

In the same time tattoos on his hips for the girls have one significant advantage. They look very aesthetically pleasing. With their help you can visually pull the leg and hide the fullness. It is worth noting that the tattoo itself looks very sexy!
Modest girls may become the owners of the beautiful flowers or ornaments. Also ethnic motives are becoming more popular. Brave girl will choose something trivial and provocative: lizards, tigers.
Remember, the tattoo on the outside of the hips will look much better than on the back or front part. What image is filled, it's up to you, the main thing is to appeal to competent expert and select a excellent scene!

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