Woman’s tattoo on a hip

Nowadays there is nothing astonishing in the tattoo. Such decorating element became habitual and natural for the majority of people. That is why the services that tattoo studios offer are in great demand. The tattoo created by a skilled specialist can help to show your inner world and to add originality to your style. If you doubt whether your company approves of the tattoo or not, you should choose the area that will not be visible to everyone. The tattoo on a hip is an ideal solution for fair sex. Such a drawing will become a bright, dramatic, and tempting accent on your body.

The tattoo on a hip

Speaking about the tattoo on a hip, one should take into consideration two aspects:

  • the location of the drawing;
  • the theme of the tattoo.

Let us begin with the first point. A hip is a sensitive and attractive part of a woman’s body. It excites men’s imagination and creates sweet thoughts. There is no wonder that every woman is willing to underline the beauty of her hip. Nevertheless, before making a decision pay attention to the pragmatic aspect.  At first, such a procedure is very painful. The hip is not the most sensitive part of the body but in spite of this fact, it is not guaranteed that you will feel no discomfort. The thing is that the woman’s skin is so soft and tender, that any interference can lead to pain and bleeding.   If you are prepared to face such challenges, do not hesitate and go the tattoo studio.
Moreover, bring to notice that hips can change forms with age. That is why choose the drawings that will not be destroyed with time. However, the most important thing is to keep your figure – and do it first for yourself.

Tattoo’s drawings

Beautiful drawings on a hip can be of different sizes and themes – from small butterflies and hearts to multicoloured large-scale pictures. Every theme will look profitable in this case. The only thing that matters is the proficiency of specialist.
The most popular motives of the tattoo are:

  • scattering butterflies, flowers, or stars – such a elegant picture is surely to highlight your womanliness;
  • a flower on a long scape and a blooming liana;
  • graceful animals – cats, swans, dragons in the oriental style;
  • the latest trend – the image of binding with a nice bow – for creative girls that love elegancy.

The price of the tattoo on a hip depends on such factors as the size and the colouration. In our studio Pro Tattoo you will find the image suitable for you in terms of finance and esthetics.


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