Men’s hip tattoos

Men's tattoos appeared over 5000 years ago, but in contrast to modern tattooing, they had a special sense and significance. Also, they singled their owners out of the crowd of tribesmen. Thanks to tattoo, it was quite easy to understand which tribe the warrior belongs, to know his personal and tribe totems, social status.

Pictures were narrating about man’s feats and valor, luckiness in hunting, victories and conquests of the warrior.

The most important "informative markers" were applied on the notable places - on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, backs of the hands and feet. These parts of body are always open and available to view of the outsiders. But at the same time, there were hidden signs, which meant merits that not everybody should have known about, or it could be different intentions and personal traits, which were supposed to be kept in secret. Such kinds of tattoo were applied on a man’s hip.

For instance, in Japan, criminals used to mark themselves by this type of hip tattooing. Pictures with their “exploits” were applied on legs from hips to knees and then it continued lower to ankles. If a man completely was covered with a tattoo, then it meant he belonged to elite criminal group. Even nowadays, Japanese are afraid of people with tattoo, especially, if tattooing is situated in secret place, supposing the man is the yakuza-bandit.

Men’s hip tattoos today.

Nowadays, men’s hip tattoo can be divided into two big groups – those, which have criminal implication and another ones that have decorative sense. That fact the hip is not so sensitive allows covering a hip with big images. But, also, there is possible to stuff small tattoos, for instance, signs, patterns, lettering.
The most widespread tattoos in prison are those that show how many times or years a criminal spent there. Other popular tattoos are abbreviations of threats or intensions which are not sensible to flaunt before the guards.

Decorative tattoos.

It became very popular to stuff decorative multicolored men’s hip tattoos, because on this area you can draw a big picture – the size of hip let you make it. Pictures of big fishes, dolphins and decorative patterns are extremely popular. But the leaders are following:
- A wolf –symbol of lonely person, it may also mean a predatory force,
- A tiger or a lion – these two symbolizes the king’s power, fury in achieving targets;
- A leopard – wealth, desire to achieve it, impetuosity and cruelty;
- A lizard – symbol of cunning and vitality;
- A snake or cobra in preparing to attack – aggression, recalcitrant and imperiousness;
- A dragon – the symbol of ancient knowledges, wisdom, emperor’s power.
In interpretation of any tattoos, including men’s hip tattooing, it is very important to take into account the fact that animals, birds, plants, geometric patterns have various meanings in different cultures. While in India a tiger is considered to be an aggressive and angry beast, in Europe it is associated with something powerful and noble. That is why it is impossible to understand symbols in tattoos in one way.


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