Arm tattoos meanings

Arm tattoos can be divided into male and female. They are known to be rather popular among both genders.

If we speak about the male tattoos we can say that for males the arm tattoo image has always been the element of the language of signs. The modern man with the help of tattoos has the ability to picture his body or to reveal his living standards. Usually men eagerly cover with tattoos such part of the bodies as arms, back, shoulders or wrists. They usually tend to choose some big tattoo images. As a rule male tattoos on arms, that were made in not such distant past, were used to give and share information about the military service or to show everyone the name of the lover. Nowadays men cover the arms with the pictures in the fantasy styles or use some animal motifs, such as wolf, tiger, lion and so on. Also the tattoos in the forms of bracelets and pictures that are longing in the air (such as the flames or the snakes) are rather popular. Also such arm tattoo designs as dragons, zodiac signs or complex ornaments, are known to be rather good.

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For men the tattoos in the Polynesian styles are known to be very suitable. Such arm tattoo designs also can look very good on big tattoos that are transitioned to the shoulder. Forearm is also a popular male place to apply arm tattoos. Wrist tattoos are rather popular too. Here man can place the inscription or some small picture. Often men use such arm tattoo images as the crown, the diamond or the anchor.

But let us refer to females now. As the statistics shows 65 per cent of the attendants of tattoo shops are women. Nowadays the tattoo for a woman is the way to reveal herself and the sign of sexuality. Among the most popular arm tattoo designs here are the broken hearts, the name of the lover, butterflies, fairy-tale elves and fairies. Seldom it can be so that women apply such arm tattoo pictures as some astrological symbolism and Celtics motifs.

The protective properties of tattoos are very important for women. Many people considered tattoos to be some kind of amulets against the evil spirits and the bad eye. Often women ask tattoo artists to put some important dates as the symbol of remembering and devotedness.

The popular female tattoos are the inscriptions on the wrists, butterflies, flowers and so on. The most popular places for application of the arm tattoos are the forearm, the wrist, the back part of the hand and the fingers.

The inscription on the wrists are a good variant for those who want to show his tattoo to all the world. Such kind of tattoo will remain visible in any circumstances.

Often there are applied arm tattoos for lovers. These could be the similar pictures, the tattoos with names or different inscriptions. Such tattoo is known to be a serious choice and that's why you should pick a very authentic picture that will look good alone and will not bring any distinctive symbolism.

It doesn't matter what stage the tattoo world is at and what is the attitude of society to it, it will be the masterpiece itself. Really it is one of the most complex and good artistic processes. The creation of the picture on the body requires certain skills from the tattoo artist because he works with alive material. He is responsible for life and health of his client. He cannot erase his work or throw away bad attempt and start from the very beginning.

The tattoo usually expresses the mood not only of those who apply it, but also the mood of the modern society in general. For some persons it is the way to express themselves and to share some information. For others it is the mean of beautifying their own skin. You are free to choose from what you like the most.

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