Popular arm tattoos

It is necessary to say that the most popular arm tattoo design is known to be the inscription. In every respectable tattoo shop you will be allowed to choose a certain tattoo font to your liking and the desired tattoo size – they can be really plenty and everyone will be able to find here something to his or her liking. Here tattoo shops usually pay attention to the will of the client while evaluating the aesthetic value of the tattoo.

Among different arm tattoos there is such a type that has the name sleeve. It is the full picture that usually occupies all the space on hand. This type is popular among men and women because this way they can show their individuality. And also this is the great way to stand out of the crowd. Sleeve can be divided into two categories according to the used format. Here we can see the long sleeve – an arm tattoo that is applied on the whole surface of the arm – from the shoulder to the wrist. Also there can be the half of the sleeve, where the tattoo image is applied to only one part and a half of the arm. The sleeve tattoo usually represents some unusual ornament, in which, according to the longing of the client can be put different meaningful inscriptions or pictures.

popular arm tattoos images

Female arm tattoos are often applied either to the wrist or to the forearm. There themes and formats can be different, but most of all they represent something beautiful and unusual. The male arm tattoos, as well as on some other different parts of the bodies, are depicted in the forms of come wild animals, meaningful dates or words. Also the flames are considered to be rather popular.

If we speak about the pain in the tattoo application process, it is necessary to say that the process of application is not too pleasant, however on arms the pain is not strong. That is why arm tattoos are applied not only by men, but as well by women. If we evaluate pain, we could say 4 of 10. Arm tattoos have always be considered as the sign of strength, spirit and the underlining of personality.

It is necessary to say that most of all currently for the arm tattoos the inscriptions are chosen. This trend came to us from the West. Such tattoo designs were applied by many Hollywood stars and that's why they drew quite big amount of attention. Mostly often the wrist is chosen as the best place for arm tattoo application. On the wrist the tattoo is seen as neat and harmonious. Also the part of the arm going from elbow to wrist is considered very suitable.

If we speak about different inscriptions, we should say that English language is used more often. French language is used more rarely and lately there appeared a trend for the Latin language. Usually arm tattoo designs using the Latin language are used by those people who don't want others to understand the meaning of tattoos. In different countries one can rarely meet the person who does know Latin language. But remember – if you make the tattoo in this language, be ready to answer numerous questions. Russian language for the tattoo is also used quite often.

Also often we can meet such arm tattoo designs that begin on one arm and have an ending on another one. There are many fonts that can be used for inscriptions. Usually calligraphic fonts are chosen, but sometimes people apply regular printed letters. Also the arm tattoo can be made on fingers and this kind of tattoo is nowadays rather popular. It is a very interesting place, where on each finger one can place different letters and numbers forming a word or a date. This is a very interesting tattoo design that nowadays is used more often than any other kind of arm tattoo. Usually the meaning of such tattoo is rather significant.

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