Arguments for and against Wrist Tattoo Design

Wrist tattoos can have both advantages and disadvantages. Let us see what are pros and cons of such tattoo designs.

However, let’s at first consider the disadvantages of wrist tattoos. First of all, the wrist is the part of the body that is constantly visible; we see this part of the hand more frequently. Others can see your tattoo even though you wear the clothes with long sleeves. That’s why you should be ready, that your family or friends don’t support this idea, also it can influence badly on your business image. If you meet business partners very often, it’s not a good idea to make a wrist tattoo. Besides, the tattoo will always attract attention, but not always positive. In addition, you can be tired because of many questions about your wrist tattoo, as its observable for anyone. The main aim is to decide perfectly the necessity of such tattoo, as you will often see it, and will bring back to your decision. So, the tattoo design should be chosen attentively. To make wrist tattoo, it’s necessary to understand, that it remains with you within the life, thus decide strictly.

Advantages of wrist tattoos

Advantages of wrist tattoo are the possibility to hide cicatrices and to make your hand more attractive. Another positive thing, if a sleeve can’t hide cicatrices, it’s easy to wear big wristband or wristwatch to sure, that nobody sees a tattoo.

Ways to choose wrist tattoo design

What people do to choose the design of wrist tattoo? Nowadays people mostly choose different excerptions, proverbs, and even aphorisms for wrist tattoos. Delicate letterings look especially elegant and fascinatingly. Also the signs are popular alternative for wrist tattoos. Runes and Celtic letterings, as a rule, are prevalent and show deeper meaning. It’s fashionable to have a wrist tattoo on one hand, and then make on other. It looks unusual and interesting. This kind of tattoo usually shows the identity of its owner, because meaningful and individual letterings are really popular as design. Many people are also concerned about the safety of wrist tattoo, but it’s purposelessly. The importance is in the well-qualified specialist. Another important thing is the choice of ink to make the tattoo. Usually black color is necessary for most of tattoos. Tattoos made of black ink can’t be visible by day, but the main problem that in reality it’s the same as cicatrice. In this way find the best color, and remember to consult an experienced tattoo artist, he may have effective variants to guarantee the satisfaction from your tattoo for years.

wrist tattoo


Male and female wrist tattoo designs

The designs of wrist tattoo are used by men and women equally, but women usually choose more fascinating design e.g. letterings. Men can choose the design of animals for wrist tattoo. For example, the tattoo of dragon around the hand might look original and beautiful. The designs of flame tattoos are also actual at all times. Factually it’s your own choose of design, just try to remember that it is not temporary tattoo, that’s why your design will be with you for life.

Choose wisely!

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