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Do you want to place the advertisement? So, that’s a good idea!

Our statistics according to Google Analitycs:

  • Our audience is nearly 3000 unique visitors per day (~ 90000 per month)
  • In average there are 4,6 views per visitor ( ~ 416 000 per month)
  • The majority of our visitors are the residents of the USA.

The sources of the traffic:

  • Organic Search - 68%
  • Direct - 21%
  • Referral - 9%
  • Social - 2%

We place the advertisement of the internet resources on the topics: tattoo, piercing or any other things connected with these topics.
What we can suggest:

1) Banner advertising (reference noindex). The price of the advertising depends on the banner’s size and location.

The minimal order term – 1 month.

In case the banners are placed for the longer term – we will give you a good discount.

3 months and more – 5%

6 months and more – 10%

12 months and more – 15%

2) The publication of the advertising article about you. The article will remain on the website forever.

The article can be written either by you or by our editors.

3) VIP suggestion about your company in the studio catalogue of your town and state.

You will be at the Very beginning of the list and therefore you will get a lot of targeted visitors, who are really interested in the tattoo service in the selected town.

If you have any questions, would you please write me using the feedback form .

Good luck!

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