Watercolor hummingbird tattoo

The humming-bird is the tiny birdie living in rainforests, is the smallest on the earth. It is imperceptible until it isn't lit by sunshine. Here then the plumage of a tiny little bird flashes in all flowers of a rainbow. The color of each of 300 known science of species of a humming-bird is unique. Wishing to become same unique and to introduce bright paints in the life, girls often do themselves a humming-bird tattoo, preferring her image other motive. Value of a tattoo of a humming-bird Value of an image of a humming-bird is borrowed the people of North and South America. Indians of North America considered that the humming-bird for rescue of people from hunger in hard times talked in riddles good luck and, winning against it, received in an award grain which gave rescue of the starving people to the benefit. For this reason for the Indians living in North America, the humming-bird symbolized an insight, courage, overcoming of vital difficulties, revival and immortality. Tribes of North America were sure that little birdies are a symbol of love. Was considered that if souls of lovers remained together after death, they turned into a humming-bird. "The flitting flowers" and "live jewels" - quite so Indians spoke about iridescent humming-birds. There was an opinion that little birds render all assistance to unfortunate lovers. To achieve reciprocity or to get rid of meek feeling and to meet true love, it was possible by means of a humming-bird. According to a legend, it was for this purpose necessary to draw a humming-bird on an imperceptible site of a body, to carry out with it day and night, and for the morning to wash away it. In a dream of a humming-bird I had to give to the lover the help. In Brazil believed that in times when rains ceased to go and the burning beams of the sun destroyed all vegetation, the humming-bird rescued the population from a drought. The birdie took pity on the people who are parched with thirst and began to carry in a beak water until rains went. For this reason I meant compassion and life for the humming-birds living in this part of the Indian country. Thus, the tattoo with the image of a humming-bird will be ideally suited for that that is able to rejoice to every day, lives in harmony with world around, has gentle soul and sensory perception of the world. The tattoo of a humming-bird will tell to people around that her owner is open for the world, is optimistical, positive, fervent and extraordinary.

The humming-bird is the smallest and at the same time one of the most charming birds in the world. The area of dwelling of a humming-bird isn't so extensive therefore tattoos with the image of such bird have no too wide circulation and value.

The humming-bird personifies such qualities as tenderness, ease, reverence, and its ability to soar on a place admired and drew attention of the person still for a long time. It, by the way, engendered beliefs at some people that the humming-bird is connected with magic and other supernatural forces.

Feathers of these beautiful birds symbolize passionate love. The imperceptible humming-bird was identified with dexterity and speed at all times.

Recently such hummingbird designs as watercolor hummingbird tattoos became popular. The images of this bird, made in the watercolor style attracts attention of all people and that is why males and females decide to create such tattoo design and apply it to their skins. The watercolor hummingbird tattoo is nowadays very popular and many people ask their tattoo artist to create them such tattoo as watercolor hummingbird tattoo design.

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