Hummingbird tattoo designs

Tattoos of a humming-bird are one of the most charming and lovely, and so loved by girls on all earth. Girls so love these tattoos for their small size, opportunity to use the most various colors and to apply on the most secluded places (for example, on a wrist or an anklebone).

On Earth there are more than 300 species of a humming-bird therefore there is a chance that your the tattoo will be the most original

The humming-bird is the least and most beautiful bird on the earth.

Major meanings of the hummingbird tattoo designs are the following ones:

  • Tenderness and reverence
  • Spirituality and supernatural abilities
  • Cheerfulness and compassion
  • Will power and victory over difficulties
  • Dexterity, mobility, courage, restlessness
  • Sexuality (if on a tattoo of a humming-bird it is represented drinking nectar from a flower, it is considered that she drinks love nectar)
  • Positive/optimism
  • Openness, truthfulness, sincerity

Indians believed that humming-birds are souls loving each other which remain together even after leaving to the world other.

Humming-bird feather - a charm symbol, a symbol of ruthless love. It is considered that during a dream of a humming-bird it is capable to give suitable and reasonable advice in love and the relations.

Main places of application are known to be the shoulder, waist, shovel, calves, wrists, anklebone

Birdies on the earth treat family of a humming-bird the smallest. Their sizes are limited to about six centimeters, and the weight of two grams. Despite the tiny sizes it is the extremely mobile, unaccomodating creations. Moreover, humming-birds are incredibly courageous: despite not impressive dimensions, they attack larger birds. Flight of a humming-bird is characteristic the improbable speed and maneuverability. Some individuals gather flight speed to 80 km/h.

Value of a tattoo of a humming-bird – freedom, optimism, cheerfulness. Flight of a humming-bird symbolizes the easy, easy relation to life. Ancient tribes of the Maya used humming-bird feathers for preparation of a love potion that adds one more value: love symbol. Sometimes the image of this birdie can be met at lovers as a pair tattoo which designates fidelity and devotion. In general, the tattoo of a humming-bird will suit those who leads bright life, enjoys every moment and isn't afraid of difficulties. Distinctive feature of this birdie also is that it is capable to soar on a place, drawing attention of all live around. This line is transferred also to the owner of such picture on a body: desire to be the focus of attention, on a look.

Where to position such hummingbird tattoo design?

In the image of a humming-bird there are no steady canons or rules. In the nature hundreds of subspecies of this bird are, each of which has the color. Therefore at creation of the sketch it is recommended to choose favourite colors. The humming-bird well is suitable for the image on small sites of a body: in the bottom of a stomach, on a shoulder, a shovel, a clavicle, a shin, foot. At the end of article – some interesting sketches and a photo of a tattoo of a humming-bird. You for certain will like value and images of a hummingbird on a body! It is really interesting.

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