Hummingbird tattoo meaning

Humming-birds are known for the ability to hang in air, quickly waving wings. This species of tiny birds since ancient times causes interest in people and appears in folklore of indigenous Americans, Aztecs. The person who does himself a tattoo with a humming-bird, divides her main symbolism - idea of infinite pleasure and nectar of life.

The tattoo of a humming-bird can be put in the form of the bird flying in air or soaring over beautiful flowers. This is the little messenger of good, beauty, happiness, an insight, courage, optimism and pleasure.

The humming-bird on skin can look realistic, in the form of a water color or in traditional style of a tattoo. It is among favourite ideas of tattoos for women though men can also use it, having modified style of execution.

From the point of view of placement, the tattoo with a humming-bird can flaunt on a shoulder, on a wrist, on a back or even on a finger in the form of tiny drawing.

Humming-bird tattoo – one of the most popular tattoos of birds. Choose it for beauty and grace. A principal value of a tattoo of a humming-bird – love to life, cheerfulness. As well as the majority of tattoos with the image of birds, humming-bird symbolizes aspiration to freedom. The sketch of a tattoo of a humming-bird is carried out usually colourful, with a set of motley flowers. Apply drawing on a shoulder, a forearm, a back and other parts of a body.

The Maya and Aztecs considered that the humming-bird is a bird of love, from its plumelets prepared love broths and medicines. Also Maya believed that the humming-birds flying in couples are souls of the died lovers. A steam room the image of a humming-bird on a tattoo is conformable with this legend, and is a message to that the person seeks to live together with the soulmate, for it fidelity and devotion – priority concepts.

To this little birdie for her ability to soar on a place magic properties, communication with soul since ancient times were attributed. And this mystical semantic loading extends and on the image of this tiny beautiful birdie applied on a body of the person.

The most traditional sketch of a tattoo of a humming-bird is the bird soaring in flight (a message to freedom, flight), and the image of the plumelets which dropped out and smoothly going down are regrets about last joyful moments. Despite the tiny sizes, a humming-bird are almost imperceptible. This quality – precipitancy in flight – is identified with a humming-bird tattoo: it is energy symbolics, including sexual, force and ability to carry out even very complex challenges.

Very often the tattoo of a humming-bird is combined with a tattoo of an exotic flower from which the birdie drinks nectar – and this image symbolizes itself unintentional pleasure, pleasure from life. This value of a tattoo is popular in those countries where the humming-bird lives in the nature.

The humming-bird tattoo is done often in color execution. First, it is simply beautiful. And secondly, corresponds to bright natural plumage of this tiny bird. A humming-bird tattoo rather often have on those places of a body which constantly is in the movement (a shin, a foot, a hand) – respectively, and the tattoo turns out dynamic, mobile. Women rather often do a humming-bird tattoo on a neck, and then ringlets give effect of the movement.

The humming-bird in east culture is a symbol of beauty and grace, as a rule, young women put. In the European culture the tattoo of a humming-bird are done by both men, and women, exact division isn't present.

If you chose this birdie as a symbol for the sketch of the tattoo, surely demand from the master that he drew unique drawing under your requirements.

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