Hummingbird tattoo

The humming-bird — is the smallest, but, perhaps, one of the most beautiful birds not to the earth. The humming-bird treats those bird species which don't live in all parts of the planet therefore value of a tattoo of a humming-bird isn't so international and is various.

The humming-bird — is beauty, ease, tenderness and reverence, its surprising ability to soar on a place drew to herself attention of people since ancient times and doesn't cease and today. This ability forced cultures of many people to consider a humming-bird highly spiritual being, to connect it with magic and supernatural abilities.

Humming-bird feathers — this charm of passionate and ruthless love. This imperceptible bird, personified the speed and improbable dexterity. The tattoo with the image of a bird of a humming-bird is considered the conventional symbol of love to life and vital pleasure. It symbolizes force, energy and ability to carry out supercomplex challenges. Also the tattoo of a humming-bird means wellbeing and sexual energy of the person. Most often in a tattoo the bird of a humming-bird is represented soaring on a place and drinking nectar from a flower, this nectar is identified with the exciting nectar of mad love.

In mythology and beliefs of ancient Aztecs, a humming-bird I reckoned as the esteemed deity with the name "Huitzilopochtli" because this name is conformable with noise of small wings of this beautiful bird. The image of a humming-bird are very popular on the Caribbean islands, there consider her a symbol of richness of the nature and a variety.

The tattoo of a humming-bird radiates a positive and optimism, emphasizes openness and sincerity of the person, and also exoticism and eccentricity of her owner. The humming-bird, along with butterflies and florets, enjoys wide popularity of women, as a symbol of improbable ease and grace. Value of a tattoo of a humming-bird — is the world, care and happiness. The bird of a humming-bird can mean improbable rareness or unintentional pleasure, can be a symbol of brightness and decoration of life because often these bright birds are found among the dense jungle, under impenetrable trees and dense thickets.

For today about three hundred species of a humming-bird are known, and each of them has a unique color, a different shape of a tail and other features.

On beliefs of Indians of Central America the humming-birds flying in couples — it is souls of lovers which remained together after death. They were called the flitting flowers or live jewels. The bird of a humming-bird was a symbol of love, compassion and life. Indians have a set of stories, myths and legends about this brave and imperceptible bird where she rescued people from a drought and hunger, guessed riddles of god and battled for justice. Therefore she is considered often a symbol of overcoming of vital obstacles.

Such tattoo suits all cheerful and courageous people.

Hummingbird tattoos are known to be very great and interesting and therefore are applied by men and women all over the world.

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