Japanese tiger tattoo

What do you think of the tattoo of the tiger? The tiger is a one of main a symbol in many cultures of Asia. The image of tigers could be met in radical tattoos of India, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Japan for a long time. These predators connected with the power, cruelty, passion and sensuality, beauty and speed, cruelty and rage.

Appearance of a tiger in a dream meant that in the person the new force or new passion can waken.

In Asia the tiger is connected with force and the power of tsars, with the situation similar to position of a lion in the Middle East and in Europe.

Koreans call a tiger "king of beasts". In Hinduism god Shiva, at the time of manifestation of the destructive qualities, is represented dressed in a tiger skin and astride a tiger.

The tiger, as a rule, is considered as a symbol of the power and force, and also destruction and violence. The tiger can be both a life symbol, and death, the evil or destructive force. In China the image of a tiger is used still, as the means which is frightening off evil ghosts. It is very often possible to see the stone tigers serving as some kind of protection outside of buildings. At the time of Zhou's dynasty, the image of a tiger were hung up in rooms of pregnant women for protection of yet not born baby against evil ghosts. In some areas it is considered that tigers attack sinners, in punishment from gods.

In some Asian cultures there are stories about the people turning into tigers like werewolves whom sometimes show at cinema. According to these legends, Tibetans and the people of Na-si of the Province of Yunnan in China, occurred from a tiger. At Na-si to boys and girls, on reaching majority, and also to newlyweds, figures of tigers are given.

The cruel and wild, having coloring sun and shadows, tigers symbolize ferocity, passion and force.

The tiger tattoo often represents the illustrated image of these qualities.

On many tattoos the tiger is represented in a realistic look. On such tattoos it looks as live, being in the natural conditions of dwelling. These predators can be represented in various provisions: stealthily, having collapsed on the sun, or sitting under a tree and licking the big paw.

There are also other, more refined options of a tattoo of tigers. On them tigers are represented highly stylized, having the long and extended forms.

Besides, having shown the imagination, it is possible to create very stylish drawings, having shown the image of a tiger in the form of an engraving. For example, it is possible to show lines of a tiger in the form of branches dark or the even burned tree. It is possible to represent the tiger merging with darkness of the evening sky or brightness of the hot sun.

Also for the tattoo it is possible to choose one of many Asian symbols of a tiger. In the Chinese astrology, the tiger is the third zodiac sign and it can be seen in the most various designs of a tattoo.

It is possible to use one of a set of the images of a tiger inherent in the Chinese culture which can be met directly on streets during celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Basically the meaning of the japanese tiger tattoo is such qualities as force, courage, protection against bad luck, bad spirits and evil ghosts as well as wind.

In many cultures this magnificent graceful animal was esteemed for courage, determination, force. In Asia the tiger is king of beasts, analog of a lion at other people. In China there is a legend of five tigers who are keepers of the center of the world and all its four parties.

The Japanese tiger tattoo can be often met in the tattoo world and it is a great thing to apply to ones skin.

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