White tiger tattoo

Next-to-skin drawing with the image of a tiger is always associated with ferocity, aggression, cruelty and anger, however they are always beautiful and represent physical force and will power. Tattoos with a tiger can mean also protection, and an animal to represent greatness and wildness, the winning of good over evill and the beginning of new life. Most often tattoos meet a tiger in east culture, in particular in China. In ancient Chinese drawings of god of wealth represented sitting on a tiger that symbolized risk and passion.

Today tattoos with a tiger are popular around the world, them put on soy the man's body who seek to show the physical and spiritual superiority over people around, to prove the nobility and ambition. Such tattoo lifts authoritativeness of its carrier in the opinion of people, attracts respect and good luck. Tattoos with a tiger apply on the body and the women having feminist views.

In this catalog there are photos of tattoos with the tigers applied on all back, a breast or a hand. Everyone the tattoo looks beautifully and nobly. Very often the tiger is represented in one color (preferably in black), is more rare – in color. However and those, and other drawings look very gracefully. The won or concluded tiger is used symbolically. Composite tattoos with tigers can be met in the Chinese tattoos. Such tattoos occupy the big space of a body and look extraordinary beautifully.

The tattoo a tiger — holds very high position in symbolism of Asia. Most often the Tiger in a tattoo is used to show the aggressive and destructive force which is in each person. Koreans consider a tiger "King of beasts". And in Hinduism God Shiva having the status of the destroyer was represented astride a tiger, dressed in a tigerish skin. A tiger usually consider, as a symbol of the power, forces, destructions and violence.

Also, the tattoo a tiger, can symbolize both life, and death, and angrily, both cruelty, and the power, both power, and passion, and beauty, pride.

In China, the image of a tiger is used as amulets to avert the evil. Stone Tigers protect the house outside. During Zhou's dynasty, the image of tigers pregnant women, for protection of yet not been born child carried. Also, was considered that if the person was attacked by a tiger, he is a sinner, and Gods, thus, made justice.

The tiger, on the power of the symbolism, takes a place, equal on value, with the Dragon. In view of that dragons in a tattoo represent higher of self-respect and aspiration to the best, a tattoo a tiger symbolize powers of darkness which can be found in each person. A tattoo of a dragon and tiger together, can mean different value, depending on a position of two symbols. If the dragon and a tiger in a tattoo at the equal level, it often symbolizes balance and harmony. If the tiger wins against a dragon a tattoo, it will mean manifestation of aggression to good.

White tiger tattoo  can symbolize that you special, unique (as the black sheep), however it is not necessarily this way. The best thing to learn more about your exact tattoo design of choice is to go to your tattoo artist and to ask him about it.

Tiger — this noble, clever, strong animal with a beautiful color of wool. And what value of a tattoo tiger? The tattoo with the image of a tiger practically always was man's, but popularity and among women enjoys recently. A tattoo of a tiger has the most various values: the power, advantage, force, passion, beauty, cruelty, rage, anger and is a lot more others. Most often such tattoo is applied on a shoulder. But men who consider themselves imperious, self-sufficient persons, represent a tiger tattoo on a breast or on a back.

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