Tiger tattoo designs

Studying of wall cave drawings of the ancient people and later researches proved that at all times piercing of different areas of a body and drawing drawings on bodies of people took place. It made the special sense and character. Plots of drawings were different, had the value, all tribes had concrete plots for all occasions.

Before hunting put lines which increased bravery, force, cunning and courage of hunters. Before a wedding drew special images on bodies of women that in marriage they were obedient, true, could have children. Special place was taken by dedication of the boy in the man. This process was also followed by a special tattoo design on a body.

Tiger – a free, strong and beautiful animal. Its greatness and power admire. It observant, cunning and resolute. Other animals are afraid and respect him. In gardens of many rich aristocratic there lived tigers, being a sign of courage and superiority.

 In east culture all animals, stones, planets personify different abstract concepts which very strongly influence life and behavior of the person. The tiger personifies a machismo, its force comes from the moon and the sun. Value of a tattoo a tiger is in many respects connected with this fact.

In Eastern horoscope the tiger symbolizes such qualities as force, activity and leadership, bravery and courage. Nevertheless, the person who was born under this sign, as a rule, is quick-tempered and impulsive.

In a Japanese horoscope the tiger is a sign of glory, a victory, heroism. The person, having chosen a tiger tattoo design, stands on the free hind legs. Sculptures of a tiger is present at gate of many ancient constructions which reached us, on the coats of arms and protective boards of ancient soldiers, meaning protection, force and fearlessness. When the board of the soldier was broken, it was considered as a bad omen and could lead to defeat.

If the tiger tattoo on a back contains an open mouth and the extended paw with claws, it can mean aggressive character of the owner. It is most convenient to make such image on a back or a breast as drawing has to be volume.

In Indian mythology to a tiger there corresponds wisdom and tranquillity. He wanders about the jungle and shows the domination. It is quite good idea for a tattoo with a tiger on a shoulder: the quiet and terrible animal ready at any time to rush on the victim. Girls more often choose tattoo option a tiger on a hip. In mythology of east countries the female of an animal personifies motherhood, tranquillity, protection of the center and wisdom, and with an open mouth – passion, hot blood, a flame in soul. In drawing dominate yellow, gold and black tone.

Tiger tattoo desisgns have many similar lines with a lion tattoo. This graceful animal united in itself two lines: beauty and force. For this reason the tiger of a tattoo is equally popular with both floors. In the European countries the tiger is considered one of the most powerful beings among animals therefore the tiger of a tattoo has so many the inspiring values.

The tiger of a tattoo as a rule means: force and power; pride and beauty; passion and sensitivity; cruelty and ruthlessness; purity and courage. In Japan Samurais often used emblems with the image of a tiger for very obvious reasons. They believed that this animal is a defender from evil ghosts and brings good luck.

However in some cultures, tigers are chasteners of sinners. As a rule, a tiger the tattoo has to be rather big, differently all majesty of this predator will be gone. Consider this fact, choosing themselves design for a tattoo. If you are ready to allocate considerable part of a body under drawing, the tiger is your option.

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