Tiger tattoo

The tiger is east symbol of force, ferocity, cruelty, anger, beauty and speed. In cultures of Asia and India of a tattoo with a tiger aggressions and protection where the tiger replaces a lion as the main symbol of greatness and wildness matter.

Value of tattoos with a tiger is connected with the power, ferocity, passion, and sensuality. The tattoo of a tiger is similar to a lion tattoo, can matter both lives, and death, both the evil, and a good victory.

The Chinese god of wealth sat astride a tiger, than symbolized passion and risk. In India the tattoo of a tiger means the soldier's symbol. The tiger containing in a cage or won can be used to symbolize control or an eminence of belief.

On the other hand, tigers can also symbolize feminity, the power, anger, revenge, and cunning. In the criminal world the tattoo with the head of a tiger, means "angry on the power", hostile in relation to the pravokhranitelny bodies which tore with criminal activity is ready to fight back attempting upon his advantage.

Value of tattoos with tigers rather interestingly and variously. Generally the tiger is connected with a number of the following symbols: force, rage, ferocity, power, imperial advantage, passion and sensuality, modesty and beauty, cruelty and anger. Value depends on that in what context and within what culture its image is considered.

In Asia the tiger replaces and embodies all values of east lion — the master of all animals. The tiger is connected very often with military valor. The image of a tiger became a military emblem in India.

In China there is a legend of five tigers who protect parts of the world and its center. The black tiger protects the North, red — the South, blue stores the East, and white — the West and the center. The Chinese god of wealth too sat astride a tiger and was the patron, passion and risk in life of people. In some regions of China it is considered that tigers attack only sinners, as punishment from gods. However, the image of this animal is used by Chinese and still for scaring away of evil ghosts from houses of people. Pregnant women carry its image always with themselves for protection of future child.

Koreans call a tiger "king of beasts". In Hindu culture god Shiva at the moments of manifestation of the angry qualities is represented in a tiger skin astride a tiger.

In the West the image of a tiger meets one many less often. But, nevertheless, in the Greek-Roman mythology tigers often replaced the leopards harnessed in a chariot of god of winemaking — Dionysus. Represented in a cage, the tiger can mean the constrained or subdued passions or feelings. The tiger is the third sign of the Chinese horoscope, the people born under this sign, as a rule, emotional and have huge spiritual force. In Buddhist religion the tiger became an anger embodiment.

The tiger with an open mouth often occurs in the section of prison tattoos and expresses ability of the carrier of a tattoo to stand for itself and for the relatives or friends. Or the tattoo of a tiger are put by the prisoners embittered on the power.

The tiger and dragon remain the main images in a symbol Yin-Yen. The tiger personifies a feminine — the Yin. It is considered that if this animal dreamed the person — means in him hidden force or the long forgotten passion will wake up soon.

As you can see, value of a tattoo a tiger is defined by qualities of this animal. The tiger attracts to himself understanding with the greatness and grace, nobility and rage. It often personifies contrasts: can be blood-thirsty and wise at the same time, to mean humility and wildness, to be a symbol of life and death, the representative of the evil and good. For it were always respectful to it also respect.

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