Wolf tattoos designs

Tattoo a wolf for clever, strong and prompt. This animal who always caused respect and admiration. No wonder that the flow of persons interested to choose as the sketch of a tattoo of a wolf doesn't run low for long years.

Being born predators, wolves were competitors of the person for a long time in production of food and by that were associated with cunning, cruelty and the evil. The wolf look shining in the dark a habit to hunt at night and to communicate with the help howling – all this in consciousness of people connected a wolf with the other world, evil ghosts and demons. Nevertheless, men noted bravery, force and skill of wolves in hunting.

Value of a tattoo a wolf – courage, bravery, devotion, fidelity, endurance, freedom. The person who chose it has to correspond to all "wolf" qualities: to be independent, strong, faithful to the family and friends, purposeful and self-assured. The tattoo a wolf categorically doesn't approach thoughtless, indecisive, sluggish and to persons of no character.

Tattoos with the image of a wolf most often apply on a back, on a shoulder or on a breast. Sketches for a tattoo on other parts of a body are rather unusual occurrence. Many prefer the picture in black-and-white option, placing emphasis on a play of light and shadow. The image can be both very realistic, and stylized, and even "animation".

Tattoo options with a wolf a huge number. Each of them makes the certain sense. For example, the wolf howling on the moon symbolizes loneliness, self-sufficiency, and sometimes – the endured treachery.

There are various versions of sketches with the image of a wolf and she-wolf.

The wolf with a grin or an open mouth means aggression, force, rage, cruelty.

The running wolf points to danger, adrenaline, thirst for speed and risk, tireless thirst of wanderings and adventures at the owner, sometimes – vindictiveness.

The wolf represented in a jump means commitment, overcoming of internal or external obstacles.

The wolf werewolf represented at the time of transformation or already turned back, symbolizes dark sides of the personality which the person wants to realize and subordinate.

The she-wolf (especially near wolf cubs) is a symbol of fidelity, devotion, care, support.

The white wolf points to the strong, fearless, extraordinary personality, the loner soldier.

Wolf on fire or with red eyes – the magical symbol meaning the werewolf, the demon, powers of darkness.

It is necessary to approach with care a tattoo choice with a wolf if in an environment there are former prisoners. They will decipher it as "To the thief it si a relief  – to the cop a cover" (having put the first letters, the word "wolf" turns out), and not as a symbol of courage and fidelity at all. On a zone a tattoo the wolf is a symbol of thieves recidivists.

Popularity of tattoos steadily grows, and young people pay close attention to such interesting way to decorate the body, at the same time showing the vital principles or ideals. Usually nobody thinks that the tattoo of a wolf or swallow, a tattoo of the naked girl or an owl means. Meanwhile the culture of drawing drawings on skin rather ancient and each image which is carried out on different parts of a body bears important semantic loading. Therefore it is important to remember that if the tattoo a wolf is applied on a body: value of this drawing needs to be found out in advance not to be trapped.

Wolf tattoos designs look really good and attractive. They are known to be picturesque and to give their applicant the ability to show the main traits of the wolfs. This applies to everything, from appearance of tattoos to their deep meaning.

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