Wolf tattoos images

Wolf - a strong, clever, prompt animal, were always respectful to it. The tattoo wolf can have many values, but the person, having chosen it, has to understand that the wolf won't suit the weak, sluggish or indecisive person. The wolf is faithful. It is faithful to belief, it is faithful to a she-wolf, it is faithful to enemies and friends, the single it becomes most often after loss of a family.

Wolves, natural predators, were competitors of the ancient person during production of food. At that time they symbolized cruelty, cunning and even angrily, but at the same time, because of the ability to unite in solid pack, wolves also symbolized fidelity, devotion, courage and a victory.

As well as all night animals, wolves were always surrounded with an aura of mystery and as it is paradoxical, are often directly connected with cults of light or sun. Perhaps, the reason for that — the burning wolf look capable to shine in the dark.

The most rare wolf, undoubtedly and the most mysterious is a red wolf. The red wolf reminds shape of a wolf, a fox and a jackal. The wolf force and impudence, cunning of a fox and greed, and care of a jackal as if merged together in character of this animal, having generated the extremely unusual alloy.

So historically it developed that the wolf became the constant companion of the person, in an extreme antiquity. On it, the image of a wolf remains to one of the most popular drawings in the world of tattoos. The image of a wolf is mysterious and diverse. The different people concerned to wolves differently and allocated them with various qualities, but there was no such nationality adjoining to these animals which would be unaffected by them.

In many mythological ideas of the people of Eurasia and North America an image of a wolf connect with a cult of the military leader or leader of a fighting team, sometimes the god of war or the ancestor of a tribe. In particular the wolf acted as the god of war in Indo-European culture. Concept of a pack of wolves as organized military unit left the print in cultures of many nationalities of Asia. At Indians the wolf was a symbol of the lower world — the world of the dead. The wolf is presented to astrologies and astronomy by known constellation Sirius. In mythology of ancient Celts there is a history about a wolf who devours the sun, as was, according to Celts, the nightfall reason. The Norwegian mythology represented in the form of a wolf of god Odin who according to the legend was the father of all other gods. In the Greek-Roman system of mythological symbols the image of a wolf accompanied god Apollo.

Wolf — a strong, brave, clever, prompt animal therefore were respectful to it always. Wolf very devoted and true. It is faithful to a she-wolf, friends and enemies, the pack, and lonely becomes most often after loss of a family.

In the world of tattoos there is a set of versions of the image of a tattoo of a wolf, which value too the various. So the wolf howling on the moon (most often full) means loneliness, internal force, independence of the world and society. A wolf in a jump — a symbol of focus, overcoming of any obstacles. The running wolf — symbolizes love to speed, risk, changes. Represented with pack, the wolf symbolizes the leader, the leader. A wolf on fire — this generation of powers of darkness, the demon. A wolf with a grin and red eyes — the werewolf, his image is used very often in the section of a tattoo of a fantasy. He also not seldom acts as the conductor in the other world and the defender from evil forces.

Wolf tattoos images are plenty and many. There are really great examples of wolf tattoos images and you may choose any up to your liking.

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