Traditional owl tattoo

In modern culture the ominous symbolics of a tattoo of an owl is considerably softened, and the main associations connected with this symbol are inherited generally from ancient art where the owl served as a symbol of wisdom and light of knowledge. Not without reason the image of this bird became an emblem of one of the largest Russian publishing houses which is letting out educational literature, and also the well-known intellectual TV show. The tattoo with the image of an owl or eagle owl is chosen by the wise and vitally firm people preferring quiet loneliness, strength of mind and clarity of thoughts. The tattoo with a symbol of an owl bears in itself the wisdom force, clarity and power of the reason which won a victory over the evil and subordinated to itself death.

It is necessary to approach a choice of a tattoo seriously and reasonably. The image on a body can tell a lot of things about her owner and his plans in life.

Value of a tattoo with the image of an eagle owl is mysterious and contradictory. Even more often presently people apply this noble bird on the body. But not all know that it means and what impact has on further destiny of the person.

Ancient Greeks and Romans who esteemed this bird, presented her value of wisdom and reason. Often it was devoted to Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Indians connected ability of eagle owls to see in the dark with gift of anticipation, it was transferred to associations with a tattoo and supplemented already settled value about mind and erudition. They used their feathers as charms from evil forces, inserting them into hair or clothes.

But there were people which negatively interpreted a reconstruction of an image of this bird. They attributed it value of darkness, death and bad news. For example, in China and Japan owls directly contacted a death symbol, but, despite it, to birds were respectful. Christians associated this bird with a devil, darkness and grief. In devout villages there was an opinion that the person with the image of an eagle owl — the satellite of a devil bringing bad messages. The Celtic people called an owl "the night witch" and a cadaveric bird.

Most likely, all negative associations were caused by night life of a bird. It flies silently, possesses ideal sight in the dark, has eyes which reflect light, all this is followed by the frightening crashing shouts.

In modern values the negative symbolics is considerably reduced, and the main associations generally undertake from ancient art, that is this value of wisdom, judiciousness, gift to see the future. There is an assumption that the tattoo represents aspirations of the person, desire of change of the future. And subconsciously tattoos which bear necessary values, send the person to the necessary course, show the right vital way.

The tattoo with the image of an eagle owl in the best way corresponds to people who have extensive life experience. The bird will bring to the owner steadiness and wisdom, it is even more knowledge and success in life. This image will decorate a body, both women, and men who conduct correct and often a nocturnalism. Men generally select for themselves the full-color images approached to real, bearing semantic loading. Girls put owls in more decorative look, in some certain style, or simply lovely big-eyed owlets.

Traditional owl tattoos are looking really great, however you should mind the exact tradtion that stands back the owl tattoo. The fact is that you have to consult with your tattoo artist to apply the traditional tattoo design that you want to apply to your skin. Such tattoos are known to be attractive a lot.

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