Owl tattoo meaning

Owl tattoo meaning can be really interesting and different. There are a lot of variants of the owl tattoos and each and every of them mean many different things. That is why it is very important to learn what your exact owl tattoo means.

At Indians the owl symbolized death, afterlife, a prophecy, wisdom, and also was considered as something like a charm — Indians used feathers of an owl for headdresses, was considered that the bird will be able to come to the rescue at a difficult moment.

In the Chinese culture eagle owls had ominous, dark and negative symbolics. The owl was associated with the evil, crimes, cruelty, diseases and nearly with all adversities of household and public life of the Chinese people, and to present measures the owl in China was considered as something it is similar terrorist threat.

The Christian culture too good didn't expect anything from an owl. The owl was considered as a demonic being and "friend" of a devil, the patron of sorcery and magic, sorcerers and witches, contacted unbelief, death and horror, and also was associated practically with all that contradicted ethics and culture of Christianity and was painted in dark tone. Also life of an owl was connected with a hermit's life, loneliness and wisdom.

What the tattoo with an eagle owl means:

As the main reasons for such ominous, and not absolutely fair reputation of an owl, her nocturnalism, ability to see in the dark, and the bloodcurdling scream which is let outy by a bird served. Presently eagle owls lost the status of "a spawn of a devil", and nowadays have much more positive reputation, than at the time of the Middle Ages.

Value of a tattoo of an eagle owl — a question especially personal.

People judicious, with good analytical and mental capacities, the cool, counterbalanced and able to control emotions can brag of such tattoos. The people who went through fire and water, learned life in all its forms, people with big baggage of knowledge and experience.

Also the tattoo with this night bird can characterize her owner, as person reserved and mysterious, living night (or even hermetical) life, the person of the interested magic, philosophy, occult and natural sciences.

Owl in some traditions — a charm symbol so the tattoo with this bird can serve you in life as means of assignment of damage, evil ghosts, and other negative misfortunes of will foreign, hostile to you.

Therefore, the person has to be defined accurately by that he wants to express a tattoo of an owl/eagle owl on the body, or what qualities and a strength of mind to raise or improve.

With gross spelling mistakes and thoughtlessly chosen tattoo won't bring to the owner anything well, and will work in certain cases even to the detriment … therefore, "look before you leap".

Owl tattoo designs and therefore and owl tattoo meanings can be really different and great and one should think a lot before the application of one of such owl tattoo designs. The best thing for one usually is  to consult the experienced tattoo artists while also looking at what tattoo design you need. The greatest thing about owl tattoo meanings is that those meanings are usually really attractive and positive so you usually will not be too much mistaken to create this or that owl tattoo design. The greatest thing about them is that they are looking really good and that is why they may be chosen by both males and females.

The owl tattoo meaning depends also on the exact owl tattoo designs. You can see that there are a lot of many different owl tattoo designs that can be made by skillful tattoo artists all over the world. Choose your own tattoo meaning and design.

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