Maya (aztec) style tattoos

There is a whole ethnic movement in the world of body art (Celtic, Slavic, Maori, and of course, Indian tattoo). When it comes to the Indians tattoos, primarily, the Maya tattoos are implied.

The Maya style tattoos are not that easy- it's not referred to the inking issue, but to the tattoo symbolism. Just some samples of Maya fonts and decorative art of this tribe are extant today (it's well-known, that the major part of this cultural heritage was lost; ethnographer-scientists still carry out the research in this sphere).

Maya Indians were outstanding warriors, and the tattoos showed their warrior triumphs and acts of bravery (the inkings covered the most courageous warriors all over). Maya goddess Agate was the one responsible for inking body with drawings.  The demand of Maya tattoos mainly demonstrates the human interest in this ancient civilization with its rich culture.

It would be wrong to say that every Maya tattoo owner wishes to show their courage to the world. At the same time, the rather aggressive tattoo symbolism is easy to understand, so one does not have to be an expert in Indian tattoos.

Often, Maya style tattoos are taken for Aztec inkings. Their fundamental differences are following: Aztec tattoos mostly had a religious meaning, and Maya inkings were battle-oriented.

The portfolio of the famous Maya tattoo artists mainly contain sketches with images of eagle and the Maya pyramids. Due to the art of cinema, another well-known image- the Crystal Skull- one of the artefacts of this lost civilization, appeared in the movement.

Maya font is the popular tattoo drawings theme as well. It looks like numerous thin lines, thus it takes special tattooer experience to ink the font drawing.

Maya tattoo photos are well-known by: their black graphical lines, and numerous small details in precise draughtsmanship. Rather often, totem animals are pictured. Most of the drawings contain the circle image: either the round shape of the tattoo, or the circle, as one of the picture elements (circled ornament, for example). Apart from its first special meaning- the sun symbol- the circle or the oval also symbolizes the circle of life.

The advantage of the Maya style tattoos is their ancient culture belonging, as the drawings look stylish and show their owner's interest in ethnics.


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